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Ensuring Date Night Success In 6 Swift Moves

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Ensuring date night success is an important part of a healthy relationship. You and your partner not only get to spend quality time together, but you also have an opportunity to show each other how much you mean to one another. While you and you partner can go out and spend date night at your […]

Signs You Are Over Exercising

Over exercising symptoms can be overcome

Want to know how to avoid workout fatigue, plateauing, mood changes, and illness? Let’s find out how right now : )

Cracking The Anxiety Nut Naturally In 5 Steps

Cracking The Anxiety Nut

Anxiety is a tough nut to crack. Somedays, you’ll feel like that squirrel from the Ice Age movie—trying to break that nut on any surface you can find but getting nowhere fast. You’ll give up exhausted after hours of wrestling with the nut. And the nut will win. Then on other days, you’ll find cracking the anxiety nut is easy. You’ll get your anxiety under control in no time at all. And you’ll feel triumphant.

3 Feel Good Reasons For You To Dine In

While the fast food roundabout is easier, it’s also killing you one meal at a time. By choosing to cook at home instead you can eat those foods you love like burgers and nachos—they are just healthier for you.

4 Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier

Even though the voice in your head keeps saying that you should look after yourself better, you’re struggling to do it. Instead, you prefer to stay in bed, rather than get up earlier to workout, and you cannot fight the urge to just have one more cake, stop at the burger joint or down another ale. So, how can you break this vicious cycle so you feel better about yourself?


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