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The Real Love Experiment By Camille Lucy

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Camille Lucy Book
     The Real Love Experiment by Camille Lucy

Beautifully written. This book is a raw, bold reflection of the tapestry of our inner workings, woven by personal stories and insights that we can all apply.

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Wow, if you’re looking for a way to find yourself or to understand why your relationship isn’t as strong as you’d like. Then, this is the book for you.

What makes this title so different to many others is that it’s straight from the heart and connects with the reader on their level. In fact, it’s almost like the author stepped into your world. As a result, the reader really relates to everything said in this title.

Overall, the book is thought-provoking. You will dissect how you function. You’ll look at past relationships. You may even analyze the breakdown of your marriage, especially if you’ve resigned yourself to never finding ‘real love’.

Many people swear that they’ll remain a single mum or dad forever and to never let another person into their life after a bad relationship ends. They battle their demons daily and wonder why they just can’t seem to find that ‘RIGHT’ person. But, this title gives these people hope because they are able to understand why that relationship didn’t survive. Plus, they can pick up their pieces and rebuild a better version of themselves so that they don’t experience a reoccurrence of their previous relationship mishaps.

So, what does InShape News think of “The Real Love Experiment“? Absolutely brilliant. On our KA-BOOM Scale, it hit the top. Why? Well, it makes the reader take note of who they are and what they want out of life, and helps them to face their fears. Plus, we couldn’t put this amazing read down. As a result, we highly recommend reading this gem if you want to feel real love.


Relationships are our greatest teachers. The Real Love Experiment chronicles one person’s journey through a 90-day commitment to (real) love and connection, self-discovery and development. While following the author’s story, you’ll learn:

• The difference between conditional and unconditional love.
• How omissions and masks affect life and relationships.
• About tests that challenge commitment(s).
• How Fear plays a very direct role in our lives.
• What your own patterns and behaviours mean.
• Ways to truly love someone (and yourself).

A Word From the Author About The Real Love Experiment

Let’s face it; life is messy. And this book is about being messy and finding your authenticity. This is about real life (my life, my story and indirectly – or directly – your life, too) and real love (true, unconditional love for yourself and others… the kind that seems to evade us). What it’s not? Sugar-coated and fluffy. For an entire 90-day period, I was intently focused on finding answers…and even the right questions. I followed myself around with a microscope, leaving no stone unturned, using my relationships to guide me on an intense journey inside myself, through challenges, exploring love and happiness.

I allowed myself to feel. To really feel. And that included the pain and fear that bubbled up as I pulled off all the band-aids, one by one, and exposed the rawness beneath them. This is my experience during those 90-days. The discoveries I made, the concepts I learned and applied, the obstacles that cropped up along the way and the miracles that became visible to me.

Take my hand… share on my journey, begin your own. Namaste.

Title Details

Paperback: 158 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 8, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1511517298

ISBN-13: 978-1511517294

Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (15 customer reviews)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,605,406 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)  #12183 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > New Age & Spirituality > Mental & Spiritual Healing.

About the Author

Camille Lucy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki & Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Ordained Holistic Minister, graphic and web designer, business consultant, and Vice President of a local non-profit that “rehabilitates people through animals.” She is also a writer, a Mother of 3 girls, an artist, a Life-and-Love Junkie, a Self-Expression and Development advocate, and – well, you get the point. She’s a lot of things, just like all of us.  Learn more about her and her adventure(s) at www.CamilleLucy.com or on social media at @LiveFullToday.


Print and Kindle editions are available.

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