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Love Yourself


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Diana Robinson- Nutritionist

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but that doesn’t mean it has to be about the love between two people. It can be about the love you have for yourself! And this really is the most important kind of love, because you can’t love another person without loving yourself first.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. When you have unresolved issues, be that emotional baggage from past relationships or self-esteem issues, you tend to bring these issues into the relationship and onto the other person unconsciously. It may come out as a hostile reaction to what the other person said or did, or little comments here and there they ultimately wear the other person down and your relationship. When you are at peace with yourself, your relationships with others will naturally improve. This is not to say things won’t annoy you, more so that your reaction to the situation may change into one that is non-judgmental and without feelings of attachment.
  1. If you don’t value yourself enough, you won’t make time for the things that make you happy. A lot of people who are so caring towards others, fail to take the same care for themselves. It is so common for mums who are caring for their family, to neglect their own health and wellbeing. I like to think of it as the instructions on the plane should there be an accident. First, you put the oxygen mask on yourself and then on the child, because if you pass out before you get your mask on, you can be of no help to anybody. The same rule applies in life. You need to put yourself first, because if you are unhealthy, who will be there to look after your loved ones? And if you are unhappy, this creates a burden and a negative impact on those around you. Time for things you love won’t happen in a busy schedule, you have to make them happen. The same way you would schedule a doctor’s appointment, you have to plan time for things that make you happy.
  1. When you don’t love yourself, it will be harder to feed your self-nourishing meals. When you change your attitude to yourself and your body, you will start to look a junk food differently. You will start to see it as a poison to your body, rather than a desirable treat, and you will find your self-thinking, I know I am allowed to eat that, but I actually don’t want to eat that. This is the biggest shift in mindset that you can make and it will affect your life in such a positive way, but it all starts with loving yourself from the inside out.
  1. When you love yourself and put yourself first, you will take measures to ensure you are fit and healthy, so that you feel and look good for yourself and not for someone else. Of course, it’s nice to look good for your partner, but if you are only doing it for them and not for yourself, this sets up a negative relationship with exercise, and you may ultimately become resentful. When you exercise because it makes you feel good, and it makes you feel strong, this is the most rewarding and sustainable way to stay in shape.

Ok, so you know you need to love yourself, but that’s easier said than done! Think about this for a minute. When we are born, we are born into ourselves. We do not look in the mirror as a baby and think, “I am too fat” or “I am not pretty enough” or “I am not smart enough”. These are thoughts that are planted in our mind through other people. It is learnt.

It is unavoidable that through one’s life we will encounter bad people that plant doubt (which ultimately stem from their own self-doubt) and that through hearing these things that people say, we grow up believing that they are true. But things aren’t true just because people say them. I could tell you that ‘the sky is not really blue, the sky is purple’. Does mean the sky is purple? No. So then ponder this, if you grow up believing you are not good enough because you heard it repeatedly. Could you not reverse it by repeatedly telling yourself you are? Yes, it takes a lot of time. And I mean a lot of time. But it is possible. And it all starts with you.

DianaRobinson_PhotoDiana Robinson is a Melbourne based nutritionist working in clinical practice with a special interest in food intolerance, fitness and mood disorders.

Diana graduated from Melbourne’s Endeavour College of Natural Health with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science – Nutritional Medicine. She is a firm believer in living life to the full and taking care of your body by feeding it healthy, nutritious food but not forgetting to nourish your mental wellbeing also.

Diana encourages patients to seek enjoyment from the food they eat rather than having a negative relationship with food. When you learn to eat right, you will learn that food is your friend and not your enemy. 

You can follow her Instagram for inspiration and recipes @dianar_nutrition.

Disclaimer: The author’s professional and personal knowledge, and opinion, form the basis of this column. This information and opinion are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition and consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on InShape News.

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