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Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber

Nutritional advisors suggest that if you want to feel finer, eat more fiber (fibre for our Aussie and English readers). Now, for many of us, the thought of fiber (fibre) is not particularly sexy. But fiber (fibre) is one of the best ways you can improve your diet. Fiber (fibre) is crucial for your health. For instance, it can help you to maintain any weight you’ve lost and it can promote gut health, with good bacteria better able to flourish.

Gut health is essential to maintain brain function and immunity levels. However, most of us don’t consume enough fiber (fibre). Women should be getting 25 grams of fiber (fibre) every day and men need 38 grams to sustain good health. If you’re looking for ways to add a bit more fiber (fibre) to your diet, there are some approaches for you to try. Let’s look at these now.

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber
Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber—Photo By Vie Studio @ Pexels

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber (Fibre)#1 Have More Beans

Pulses or beans are protein-laden and an excellent source of fiber (fibre). Plus, pulses such as kidney beans, lentils, and black-eyed peas keep you feeling fuller. Additionally, they are affordable and stretch a long way when making meals more nutritious. One recipe that works for most people, is this instant pot black eyed peas, as it only has three ingredients and it’s suitable for vegetarians. If you’re a vegan, then you only need to use two ingredients. So, it’s easy to make, fulfills your want to feel finer, eat more fiber (fibre) and is super healthy.

Eating More Beans Helps Fulfil Your Want To Feel Finer By Eating More Fiber
Eating More Beans Helps You Feel Finer By Eating More Fibre—Photo by André Beltrame @ Pexels.com

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber (Fibre) #2 Eat Your Vegetables First

Vegetables have a lot of fiber (fibre). But to be healthier, eat the vegetables off your plate first. We know it sounds crazy. However, eating your veggies first is linked to eating fewer calories. Also, go for non-starchy vegetables because these will keep you feeling fuller for longer. So, avoid eating potatoes as the starch in these can make you feel hungry shortly afterwards. 

Adding More Vegetables To Your Meals Increases Your Fiber Intake
Adding More Vegetables To Your Meals Increases Your Fiber Intake—Photo by Ella Olsson @ Pexels.com
Eating Fiber (Fibre) Doesn’t Have To Be Boring—Experiment And Try Different Meals Until You Find Several You Like So You’ll Feel Finer In Less Time.INSHAPE NEWSFLASH

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber (Fibre) #3 Choose Whole Grains 

The whole idea of eating healthy is to reduce your processed food consumption. When you opt for refined grains such as white bread they’ve been stripped of many vitamins. Therefore, these are less nutritious. Although, if you replace half of the refined grains you consume with wholegrain versions such as brown rice, this will go a long way towards making you a nutrition powerhouse. If you cannot eat wheat, gluten-free alternatives such as buckwheat and quinoa are an excellent way to increase your fiber (fibre) intake. 

Eating More Whole Grains Increases Your Fiber Consumption
Eating More Whole Grains Increases Your Fiber Consumption—Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber #4 Eat More Nuts and Seeds

If you eat more nuts and seeds, you’re not just getting more fiber (fibre), but you are also getting plenty of protein and that all-important fat. Unsaturated fats and saturated fats have now been considered an important part of your diet, and this is why it’s vital for you to start eating more. Nuts and seeds are incredibly versatile foods. They’re not just amazing snacks, they can make an integral part of any meal. Additionally, they are an amazing way for you to increase fiber (fibre) in any breakfasts or desserts.

Take, for instance, peanut butter. This spread is something that’s long been considered a staple of many diets as it’s high in protein and also laden with fiber (fibre). So even if you want something sweet, you can always put a bit of peanut butter in there to ramp up your fiber (fibre) content. In fact, if you look at this peanut butter pie, it’s an amazing way to make fiber (fibre) super sexy.

Nuts Are Another Great Way To Increase Fiber
Nuts Are Another Great Way To Increase Fiber—Photo by David Disponett @ Pexels.com

Want To Feel Finer? Eat More Fiber Key Takeaways

Fiber (fibre) is one of those parts of our diet that we all know we need more of, but we still overlook it. However, as lifestyle illnesses such as Type II Diabetes, Some Cancers and Obesity become greater concerns, fiber (fibre) is becoming more important. Plus, fiber (fibre) is vital to the promotion of good gut bacteria and your overall health. So if you eat more fiber (fibre) and you will feel finer.

Just to recap, some of the easiest ways you can boost your fiber (fibre) intake is to:

  • Have more beans—they’re affordable and protein and fiber (fibre) laden.
  • Eat your veggies first—you’ll feel fuller faster.
  • Choose whole grains or buckwheat and quinoa if you prefer gluten-free .
  • Eat more nuts and seeds—several nuts every hour is a great way to boost your fiber (fibre).

Pancakes with peanut butter - Create Your Best Life By Taking Care Of You
Create Your Best Life By Taking Care Of You—Photo by Eiliv Aceron @ Pexels.com

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