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Angled Interdental Brushes


NEWS FEATURE: Ask most dentists about oral hygiene and they’ll say that you must brush twice a day and floss regularly to avoid tooth decay. But, not all dentists agree. Some will suggest that there are better alternatives to floss, which often isn’t used correctly for it to be effective. This is where interdental cleaning makes a spectacular entrance that leaves the crowd breathless. According to research studies, the effectiveness of flossing is inconclusive. In fact, a review of controlled … [Read More...]

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SPORTS MEDICINE NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Kylie Edwards - Personal Trainer, Sports Medicine Practitioner and Running Coach: Photo credit: 2016-01-21 - SO Pesto Soup w Gnocchi - 0003 via photopin (license) In order to optimise your life and health, consider strengthening your immune system. This can be done with minimal effort by looking directly at the foods that you eat, and … [Read More...]

Alpe-D'Huez,France- July 18, 2013: The Dutch cyclist Robert Gesink from Belkin Pro Cycling Team climbing the difficult road to Alpe-D'Huez, during the stage 18 of the edition 100 of Le Tour de France 2013.


CYCLING NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Genevieve Whitson - Professional Cyclist: I have had a lot of cyclists tell me that they have a bad sprint. They say they never win sprints and don’t have fast twitch muscles capable of doing the job. My question to these cyclists is always the same, "Have you actually trained your sprint?" While a few uber lucky individuals have a natural talent for … [Read More...]



CYCLING NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Genevieve Whitson - Professional Cyclist: Photo credit: roll via photopin (license) Why is it that the same folk are finishing at the front of the race? Are they actually that much stronger? Or are they just better at positing? Today we will dissect ‘bunch positioning’. Let's go... Position Yourself Well No matter how bad your sprint is, if you are in … [Read More...]

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Di Westaway Hanstanding on Everest | ©Wild Women On Top


NEWS FEATURE: Adventure travel for some is no more than visiting the next town or city, but for others this means trekking to Nepal, Africa, or Laos. Also known as heritage travel, ecotourism, and community tourism, adventure travel is an active and expanding industry that contributes significantly to economic growth. The 'ecotourism' industry, according to a World Travel and Tourism … [Read More...]

Gretchen Workingout While Travelling | © Spring


NEWS FEATURE: Australians enjoy exploring their own country just as much as travelling overseas. The lure of the great outdoors is the largest drawcard as it combines beauty and serenity with activity. This Australian love of nature is also seeing fitness groups making use of their natural environment for stimulation. According to Tourism Research Australia, Australians made more than 229.2 … [Read More...]

One of the many activities at the Sharing Bali Retreat


NEWS FEATURE: Every year, between 20 to 70 percent of international travellers, visiting developing countries, contract some form of illness whilst travelling. According to the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the most common forms of illness are fever, malaria, and stomach infections. However, combining health and fitness with travel is an alternative that is … [Read More...]

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ALTERNATIVE COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Julie Rammal - International Celebrity Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Pro: Photo credit: Day 50 - City Life via photopin (license) Knock knock, you have received 100 million thoughts, please replace the old archive of thoughts with the new ones. Error, your brain has mental clutter, please remove clutter. Emergency, brain does not know how to remove clutter. Brain is receiving more subliminal messages from: tv ads, … [Read More...]

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Some of the children we met on our travels

Help Kidney Kids Have a Better Quality of Life

SPECIAL FEATURE: Kidney Disease is non-discriminatory, it steals the quality of life from the young and the old and is often debilitating. Some two million adult Australians have kidney disease, and many of them are not aware of it until they have lost up to 90% of their kidney function. And what … [Read More...]

Mo Fever

Local Business Supports Movemeber for the Second Year

NEWS-IN-BRIEF: November is officially Movember or the month of the moustache, a time when men worldwide grow moustaches and host events to support prostate cancer and depression initiatives. In 2010, 130,000 Australian’s participated in the event and raised $25 million for the causes. Alex … [Read More...]


Hypnosis Demystified: Is it Sleep?

HYPNOTHERAPY NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Ernest McLeod - Certified Hypnotherapist: Often first time clients who come and see me have this idea in their mind that hypnosis is sleep. It's quite understandable actually. After all the name itself is derived from the Greek word hypno - meaning … [Read More...]

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Nicole Madigan-Everest | © Nicole Madigan-Everest

Journalist Nicole Madigan-Everest is Health and Fitness Focused

As a busy mum, journalist, and PR consultant, Nicole Madigan-Everest has learned to balance her lifestyle so that she can stay fit, healthy, and active. Madigan-Everest, who was a News Limited journalist for some 10 years and a Channel Nine on-air reporter and … [Read More...]


How to Avoid Dysbiosis

DIGESTIVE NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Ange Sinclair - Founder of Digestive Detective: Photo credit: Gut Bacteria via photopin (license) - Your body has a balance of good and bad bacteria that makes it function. When the amount of good bacteria becomes … [Read More...]

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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methodology: Core Dynamics

GYROTONIC NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Dana Rader  - Exercise Physiologist, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer: Photo credit: Dana Rader GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods - This month’s topic is something I call “core dynamics”. As an exercise physiologist and an international … [Read More...]

DSC_0047 copy

Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Methodology: Energy in Motion

 GYROTONIC NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Dana Rader - Exercise Physiologist, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer: Photo credit: Dana Rader GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods In my first article of this series, I stressed that our exercise intention should always be to feel good, … [Read More...]

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Sally After Losing Weight and Sally Before | © Sally Symonds

The Cost of Being Overweight or Obese in Australia

NEWS FEATURE: Health expenditure in Australia increased from $72.2 billion in 1999-2000 to $121.4 billion in 2009-2010. Australians spent $116.3 billion on health goods and services during the 2009-2010 financial year, and this amount is expected to rise in during the 2012. This increase in health … [Read More...]


Why Detox?

NATUROPATHIC NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Trudy Cadoo - Senior Naturopath: Regular detox can be an integral part of a healthy life, it can enhance your overall health and keep you not only looking your best but feeling your best too.  Detoxification is a natural process whereby the body is supported … [Read More...]


How To Choose The Right Podiatrist For YOU?

PODIATRY NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Andrea Castello - Biomechanical, Sports and Paediatric Podiatrist: Photo credit: The 3 of Us via photopin (license) We all know how it starts. You have a foot problem and talk to your friends, family or perhaps a health professional about it and you get the … [Read More...]


Post Tib Tendinopathy

PODIATRY NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Andrea Castello - Biomechanical, Sports and Paediatric Podiatrist: The tibialis posterior is a muscle that originates from the posterior and medial side of the tibia (shin) and travels via its tendon behind the medial malleolus (inside ankle bone) before … [Read More...]

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Types of Eating Disorders and Statistics

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis - Eating Disorder Educator: Photo credit: Snapshot of Eating Disordes in Australia - The National Eating Disorder Collaboration (NEDC) an initiative of the Australia Government Department of … [Read More...]


From Thoughts to Behaviours

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis - Eating Disorder Educator and Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner: Photo credit: Self-loathing via photopin (license) - What have I learned on my journey to recovery? I have learned the power of words, both positive and negative. I … [Read More...]

Eleni Image

The Connection of Eating Disorders with Other Mind Health Issues

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis - Eating Disorder Educator and Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner: Photo Credit: The 'crushed me' hid the 'real me' by Eleni Psillakis - Eating disorders invade every part of a sufferer’s life and are often a means of coping with the … [Read More...]

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