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IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: Mention ‘Bali’ to just about any Australian and images of beaches, Bintang Beer and ‘Rhonda and Ketut’ instantly spring to mind for many. But there’s much, much more to this beautiful tropical island paradise and a new ‘RunVenture’ tour promises to show the slightly more adventurous traveller the ‘real’ Bali. The tour is the brainchild of Sputnik, Chief Swashbuckler at The Swashbucklers Club (and regular InShape News contributor). Although Sputnik has been visiting … [Read More...]

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SPORTS MEDICINE NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Kylie Edwards - Personal Trainer, Sports Medicine Practitioner and Running Coach: Photo credit: blue. via photopin (license) Australians’ use of anti-depressants has doubled over the last decade and we are now the world’s second highest prescriber of anti-depressants behind Iceland. While these drugs are necessary in many cases, it seems drugs … [Read More...]


MARATHON NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Ron Byland - USATF, RRCA and Lydiard certified Running Coach: Photo Credit: Ryan Knapp, 2011: 31st Annual St. Patrick's Day Run - Over the years,  when I have meet runners for the 1st time, and they often talk about their goals. One of the 1st questions I ask is, “Tell me about how you train?” Many runners say the same; they run the same paces every day. … [Read More...]

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Smart travelling is staying fit and healthy


NEWS-IN-BRIEF: The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 2.4 million Australians travelled overseas during 2010. Of this number, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade estimates that 25,000 experienced difficulties whilst away. Jo Sharp, owner of SharpMoves Fitness, runs Bali fitness retreats that allow individuals to maintain their health and fitness when travelling. “Just … [Read More...]

One of the many activities at the Sharing Bali Retreat


NEWS FEATURE: Every year, between 20 to 70 percent of international travellers, visiting developing countries, contract some form of illness whilst travelling. According to the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the most common forms of illness are fever, malaria, and stomach infections. However, combining health and fitness with travel is an alternative that is … [Read More...]

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NEWS FEATURE: Karen Miles, Mrs Australia World 2011, is a busy mum and TV presenter that has developed ‘work life happiness’ in order to manage her commitments. The Mrs Australia World title is one of four that can be gained in the Mrs and Ms Australia quest event. The other three titles are Mrs Universe, Mrs International, and Mrs Earth. As the winner of the World title, Karen Miles has learned to make adjustments to her lifestyle so that she can find a happy medium. “I love the term … [Read More...]

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Indigenous women in 12-week health and fitness program

Indigenous Health Trial in Adelaide

EXPRESS NEWS LINK:  A 12-week trial program for overweight Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander women will run in Adelaide. This program is aimed at educating participants on the importance of physical  activity and nutrition. Karla Canuto, Robyn McDermott, Margaret Cargo and Adrian Esterman … [Read More...]

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Weight Reducing Cookbooks are Simply too Good to Ignore

NEWS FEATURE: The health of billions of people is compromised every year by obesity and being overweight. Medical experts estimate that more obese and overweight people die from their affliction than people who are underweight. However, there are solutions, … [Read More...]

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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methodology: Does Breath Create Movement or Does Movement Create Breath?

GYROTONIC NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Dana Rader  - Exercise Physiologist, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer: Photo credit: Dana Rader GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods  I have enjoyed writing these posts over the past year, and for my last instalment I would like to touch on an … [Read More...]

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Reduce bloating

Battle Bloating Naturally by Eating Well

EXPRESS NEWS LINK: Good digestive health is vital in maintaining energy and assisting to battle those mood swings that many women encounter, whereas bloating leaves you feeling lethargic and moody. Find out how to reduce your bloating by eating well. The Gladstone Observer has the story. Read the Story … [Read More...]

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The Connection of Eating Disorders with Other Mind Health Issues

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis - Eating Disorder Educator and Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner: Photo Credit: The 'crushed me' hid the 'real me' by Eleni Psillakis - Eating disorders invade every part of a sufferer’s life and are often a means of coping with the … [Read More...]

Unlearning bad habits can make you feel like a new you

Unlearning Negative Thoughts and Behaviours of Eating Disorders and Excessive Exercise

EATING DISORDER NEWS & REVIEW: By Columnist Eleni Psillakis - Eating Disorder Educator and Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner: It takes 21 days to form a habit, whether it be a good or a bad one. That is not a long time considering how long these habits may last in someone’s life. If they are bad … [Read More...]

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