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Feeling A Little Sluggish? Boost Your Energy With These Hot Tips

There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish and fatigued. When you feel like this you cannot get anything done, everything is an effort and you have zero motivation. In fact, feeling sluggish can easily have a knock on effect for almost every aspect of your life—work, social outings, and even spending time with your partner and friends can all get pushed aside. So, how can you find your mojo again? Let’s find out…


Lisa Tamati, 44, had severe asthma as a child, broke her back in two places at the age of 21-years and compressed two discs. However, she hasn’t let these conditions stand between her and her love of running. Having travelled more than 60,000 kilometres — almost one and a half times around the circumference of the world — on foot, in some of the world’s toughest desert terrains, Tamati can say she has run through hell and survived.

Quality Time: Finding The Value Of A Full Life

Quality Time is a term used to describe time spent with close family, friends or loved ones, or on something you enjoy, that is important, special or productive. Quality time is time set aside in which you pay full, undivided attention to the person or matter at hand. Quality time is a practice in mindfulness.  

Presence: Practicing The Art Of Living

This moment in time is all you have, all there is. The rest are thoughts, intangible and irrelevant. The practice of living in the present moment is called Mindfulness. 

Forgiveness: Practice The Attitude of Gratitude

Forgiveness is not only the gateway to living an attitude of gratitude, but a practice that brings you closer to others, to yourself, to true joy and lasting happiness. 


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