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September 2012


InShape News

Dear Editor,

Love your online mag. I would like to see more Art and Entertainment news that is fitness related in the future. Cheers.

Karl Jensen – Ireland.

Kidney Health Australia

Dear Editor,

As the parent of a child who is on dialysis, I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for supporting Kidney Health Australia and Kidney Kids. You have no idea how much this means to me and my family. It is nice to know that people we have never met actually care.

Nina Marsden – Australia

My How InShape News Has Grown

Dear Editor,

Wow. How much has this online magazine grown? I stopped by when you first started and I thought, “Great concept, but just how long will it last.” You know how many things like this start up and then just disappear or are not updated with new material being added regularly. Your site, however, is not like this. Here you are more than 12 months on and still going strong. I would love to see you publish more on travel. I am a bit of a travel junkie of late and I think if this is coupled with living healthy then it really adds something fantastic to my lifestyle and the lifestyle of others. Please keep up the excellent work. You truly do an amazing job.

June Ryde – UK

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