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February 2012


Obesity Levels in Western Nations

Dear Editor,

Sorry if this is a bit off the subject, but… this will make virtually anyone furious.  Diets ultimately cause you to gain pounds in the long run, which has turned out to be more and more apparent in the weight issues epidemic that’s negatively effecting this unhealthy food, little physical activity generation.  Are you aware that stadium seating had to be increased in order to support the rise in individual’s increasing, ahem… in girth size? This implies that we are now transforming into a even bigger country — and in no way in a smart way — of individuals than we have ever been before.

Our young ones are experiencing being overweight along with associated problem, such as diabetes and heart disease. I just read that in a scientific study 70 obese Western kids in the age ranges of 6 to 19 were subjected to many battery of lab tests to look at the end result that the food intake full of fat had on their youthful figures.  The final results ended up being eye opening.  All had high cholesterol levels and also were within the high-risk group of acquiring heart problems and heart failure, which a number of patients were already expressing indication of.

Will there be any hope for all of us?

I believe your answer should be certainly.  Apparently pretty much all we end up needing is without question a little bit of exercise and diet.  We all really need to start doing this Right now!

Strong Jane

Children and Teething

Dear Editor,

I wanted to just add this about teething. For young children experiencing pain related to teething, ease their discomfort by applying chamomile oil. A cloth should be wrapped around a cube of ice, add a drop of chamomile oil to the cloth. This should be held against the teeth and gums resulting in soothing effect.

Hope this helps your readers.

Evon Southall

Weight Loss

Dear Editor,

I wanted to talk weight loss. If you’d like lasting results with weight-loss you need a healthy approach. I believe this includes eating good foods, in small amounts, frequently, and exercising when you can. You can also try supplements that have vitamins and minerals in them and help to aid in weight loss. Thermogenic pills are excellent, and there are many different brands on the market. It is worth while testing these to see which works best for you.  Of course, once you hit your goal weight then you can continue with eating well and exercising and forget the thermogenics. Overall, it’s about looking after yourself and taking care of your body.

Thanks for listening.

Mia Rothwell


Dear Editor,

It is no surprise that a large number of health-conscious folks decide to detoxify. All of us actually place our body’s under a great deal of pressure, especially when we consume foodstuffs and refreshments that are high in carbohydrates. Meals and booze stuffed with sugars regularly can easily place your body through a great deal. By thinking about what we ingest we can change our lives and our bodies.

Matthew Walker


Dear Editor,

Workouts, according to experts, might help avert major depression. Researchers have the idea that exercising on a regular basis is able to reduce anxiety attacks minimizing depression signs and symptoms.


Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes

Dear Editor,

Do you have a desire to prevent metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes? It’s possible to reduce these two problems by exerting control over your current diet regime and by looking after yourself and your health. You do not even need to take pricey prescribed drugs or even carry out complicated training.

Martha Cannode


Dear Editor,

Skincare is amongst the very best issues these days. There are various skin problems affecting plenty of people; there are also far more items developed to keep up these types of skin conditions in check.

Peter Phillips

Cancer Fighting Foods

Dear Editor,

I wanted to tell you about cancer fighting foods. In fact, anyone interested in living a long fulfilling life should be aware of this. Cancer, according to the website allcancerfightingfoods.com, is one of the most common health risks — according to the reports there have been over 1,5 million new cancer cases in the USA alone in 2011. Both men and women are equally exposed to danger. Main causes of cancer are carcinogens, and there are many natural carcinogens. Carcinogens exist in multitude of forms. For example, aflatoxin grows in fungus emerging on grains, nuts and peanut butter, dioxins, asbestos and others. However, there are foods that can help you reduce your risk of cancer and possibly eliminate cancer.

Thanks for listening.

All Cancer Fighting Foods

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