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Staying Fit and Healthy On Vacation

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Moving more and eating healthy while you’re on vacation let’s you make good health and fitness choices an important aspect of your adventure.

Adding Luxury Touches To Your Vacation

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or many people, the opportunity to travel is all about relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the opportunity to escape from work and everyday life pressures. But, according to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation many Americans take less vacations, work longer days and retire later in life, which elevates stress.

Does Travel Improve Your Health?

All of these factors when added together can make many people change their mind about going anywhere. Fortunately, travelling, whether this be a one-day road trip or wandering off to some remote area for weeks, can have amazing health benefits, even if you have a relatively sedentary holiday in mind.

But why?

Let’s look at how travel helps you both mentally and physically now.

9 Super Places To Cycle In Canada

Canada is a cycle-friendly nation. There are trails and routes all over the country; through regional areas and even in the major cities, you will find paths and cycle-safely bikeways along the busy roads. But where are the best places to cycle in Canada, if you want to make the most of the scenery and see more of the country? And which bike tracks are the best for your cycling ability?

Can You Stay Fit While Travelling Often?

If you love to travel and also care about your fitness, it can be difficult to keep both these passions alive at once. Travelling for vacations and work often leaves people tired; plus, we want to taste local foods, relax and let loose – which isn’t exactly synonymous with fitness. However, there are ways to stay fit while travelling and doing what you love too.


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