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Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes For You

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There is more to being healthy than just eating healthier and working out. You can also make simple healthy lifestyle changes that improve your mental and emotional health. These tweaks let you live life with less stress, greater joy and allow you to use your time creatively. Plus, you’ll find that as you gradually make […]

Helping A Loved One Overcome Addiction

group of people in white shirts

When you love someone and they have an addiction it can be incredibly stressful and frustrating. You can see clearly that they are losing control. All you want to do is to help them. But helping a loved one overcome addiction is not easy. They are in love with a substance or an impulse and […]

Staying Positive During Serious Illness

doctor showing diagnosis to black woman patient in hallway of clinic

When faced with a health battle, identify the enemy and know how you plan to attack. Educating and arming yourself with the facts about your illness is surprisingly empowering.

Common Substance Abuse Causes For Women

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No one ever imagines that they’ll rely on substances to get them through their day. However, drugs, alcohol and other substances might seem like a reasonable way to escape from life’s stresses. Especially when physical, mental and emotional pain and anguish become too much.

Financial Peace of Mind Equals Less Stress

woman holding a five dollar bill

Money is one of the most common sources of stress in people’s lives. A recent study by Northwestern Mutual revealed that money was the number one cause of stress for Americans. And this stress often led to poor financial decisions. However, money doesn’t have to rule your life. For those of you aiming to achieve financial peace of mind, follow these eight simple steps.


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