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Medical Giant Stryker Mind & Body Great Adventure Challenge

Team Stryker Battling the Elements

Stryker, a global medical technology leader and Starlight Children’s Foundation Great Adventure Challenge corporate partner, will once again pit mind and body against Mother Nature in the Royal National Park event on October 14, 2017.

Virtual Reality – 30-Minute Core – Grit – The Orange Theory – HIIT – Sprint – It’s a Fitness Revolution

The face of the fitness industry is changing rapidly with the latest trends in fitness training – short, intense workouts taking taken over, because “TIME IS MONEY”!

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methodology: Does Breath Create Movement or Does Movement Create Breath?

Breath is ever present every moment of our lives, but do we experience breathing and how do we utilize it in movement?

Top Water Bottle Sleeves in 2017

Funky water bottles

You’ve owned your water bottle since you can remember, but you’re getting a little tired of looking at it. While you’d classify your bottle as ‘old faithful,’ with it being there for you through thick and thin, and during the good and bad times, it just doesn’t change. It looks tired, worn and lacks pizzazz. So how can you dress it up so it looks as vibrant as you feel?Thankfully Coldest Water and a few other innovative water bottle gurus have come up with a solution.

Munchweb Bites the Net Taking Fitness Entrepreneurs from Zero to Hero

Munchweb, an Irish online hub that breaks down big bites of entrepreneurial information, is giving away ‘free’ Net busting easy-to-use business guides, so firms who are sick of getting nowhere online can maximise their productivity and increase their profitability.


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