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A Different Way To Approach Modern Fashion

It’s common for people to be obsessed with their looks, brands and their outward appearance. But is this healthy? And what type of fashion empowers you?

Rewiring your Brain for a Positive Attitude

A new year has arrived, it’s the beginning of 2017. So, what is this year going to bring you? Hopefully, not the same as last year you say. Now, that doesn’t sound overally positive, does it? Consequently, I thought I would share a little secret that you can apply to rewire your brain to be more positive this year. Personally, I use this technique regularly myself and also share it with my clients. So, what opportunities do you think you could see if you saw life with a greater positive attitude?


Humans by nature are vulnerable creatures. We all have addictions and for many individuals, it can be training and exercise. This addiction can be to the endorphins that can come with a great workout, the pursuit for better aesthetics or just fighting the emotional battle that if you don’t train today, you will put on weight. Let me start by reassuring you that its okay to take a day off, even two…


IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: Sleek, super toned and supple are just a handful of words that can be used to describe a model, male or female. Those who don’t model are often envious of the model’s physique and many believe that these models were born with perfect bodies and eat very little to stay lean. However, […]


Exercise During Pregnancy is Excellent for Birth | © iStock Images

IN-DEPTH NEWS FEATURE: Pregnancy is a time when many women gain weight. Some gain a little, while others gain a lot. And, for some women the battle to regain their body shape after pregnancy is a struggle. However, regardless of how much weight is gained, it is vital during pregnancy. As additional weight promotes healthy […]


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