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3 Feel Good Reasons For You To Dine In

Despite knowing the health risks of highly saturated, salty foods, the thrill of a no-prep, washing up-free meal still sees the average American eating out/getting food delivered as many as 4-5 times a week. Unfortunately 40% of American adults are now considered obese as a direct result of this fast food favoritism, while figures are also increasing for issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and beyond. 

And if you think it’s just American’s with this problem, then think again. Australians eat 5-7 serves of discretionary foods that don’t give them any nutritional value like sugary treats, saturated fats, added salt and alcohol daily. Plus, they spend around 30% of their weekly income on fast food. As a result, some 67% of Australians are overweight or obese.

However, by choosing to cook at home instead you can eat those foods you love like burgers and nachosthey are just healthier for you. Home cooked takeout-style dishes like these loaded chicken nachos at Yellow Bliss Road have lower salt levels and less saturated fats than those you get from a take away outlet and they can work wonders for your overall health.

Let’s look at 3 feel good reasons for you to dine in…

Home Cooked Burgers Are Better – Image by Haaeeb Jamil @ Unsplash

Feel Good Reasons For You To Dine In #1 Home cooking = better health

With the average fast food meal containing as much as six times more salt than you’d expect and a bucket load (that’s only a slight exaggeration) of saturated fats, by cutting these obviously unhealthy foods out of your diet stands to deliver a multitude of health benefitsless risk of lifestyle illnesses such as Type II Diabetes, some cancers and Heart Disease. Plus, by eating healthier you reduce inflammation in the body and reduces chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other inflammation-related illnesses.

Healthy eating isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest. Studies have found that people who cook at home lose weight faster, are healthier and the ingredients they’re using are fresher giving them greater nutritional value. Plus, home prepared foods don’t contain as much salt and sugar.

Feel Good Reasons For You To Dine In #2 Control over your calories

The average fast food meal contains around 1,100-1,200 calories, which is almost all of the average recommended daily intake for women, and as much of a third of the daily calorie recommendations for men (of course, this varies depending on your size, activity levels and age). By dining in you are better able to control your portion sizes and the fat that you’re putting into your meals and on to your plate.

This approach means that you can also control your calorie intake and count if you want to get fancy then you can even count the macronutrients you’re consuming. Overall, you’ll be able to better manage your weight and health.

Feel Good Reasons For You You To Dine In #3 More money for gym memberships

With the average American spending $3,000 a year on dining out, and Australians around $95 a week on fast foods, by choosing to cook at home you can save more. With the money that you save from dining in, you can invest this back into improving your health further. For instance, when you consider that average gym membership costs around $500 a year, then the money you’ll save by eating home-cooking for a year will be enough for at least six years of gym membership.

Another bonus is if you’re making such high savings, then you could afford to buy higher-end home ingredients for your meals including fresh, organic vegetables, and high-quality meats. These additions, over time, will do the world of good for your overall health and fitness levels and you’ll feel more motivated because you’ll have a positive mindset.

Cooking at home might not always feel as exciting as ordering food but, when you consider these health-based benefits of making the switch, it’s more than worth your while to find a few fun, quick recipes to fill the hole that fast food is currently occupying. 

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