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July 2012


Building My Body

Dear Editor,

Believe it or not I made my body in 3 months, and I can help you do the same or even more if you are willing to follow this program routine. I believe that if you want to gain muscles the only way to do it is by going to a gym. This is rule number one for gaining mass. You need to work a body part (legs, arms etc) each day, 5 days a week. If you are a beginner it is probably better the first 2 months to do a body part every 2nd day. This will build some muscle tissue, without strain. Then, after some time you can move on to do a part a day, and then, 2 parts a day. You will then see your body change really fast, but this will be only in the beginning. If you will want to see EVEN MORE mass you will need to workout more.

However, it is important not to do 2 big parts in the same day. Instead, focus on one big and one small for example: Back and shoulders, chest and triceps, legs and biceps – add 3 times a week abdominals and warm up on the treadmill for 5 min running before starting to lift weights. Sessions should consist of 3 sets of 12 for every exercise you do. Make sure your workouts are no more than an hour-long, doing more is a waste of time, you will not gain any more muscle. Also eat 5-6 small meals per day and  add rice and pasta to your meals and drink a lot of water.

Nora Campbell

Hormone Help

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to talk about HCG. Some people do not agree with its use, but I use it frequently. The reason that Dr. Simeons says not to use HCG during your period is because your body actually produces HCG during the menstrual cycle. I may be wrong, anyone feel free to correct me. So using HCG on those days would be a waste of your HCG. Also, the more HCG in your system, the faster you become immune. If I were you, before your period, I would go ahead and start loading to get your normal fat reserves up and then start using HCG and loading for two more days after the period. I know I load for a week before this, only because I have been on so many diets before and I wanted to make sure my normal fat reserves were full.

I am on my 9th day now, and have not had even the slightest bit of hunger the whole week. You see the first week is sometimes hard, since you may get hunger pangs that is why we load, so that our body can run off our normal fat for the first few days and keep us content until the HCG gets into our system and mobilizes the abnormal fat. Also, whenever I am in the kitchen I wear gloves, only because I live with 8 other people and there is no telling what has oil on it. That’s right, even a drop of oil touching your skin will keep you from losing the next day. Be careful! Check all spices and foods for any sugar, oil, sugar alcohol, or aspartame (BAD).

By the way, you WILL gain a lot of weight on your load days, but don’t worry, you will lose every ounce of it within the first few days. I have started the Dr. Simeon’s Protocol (original and only true HCG diet) about 5 times, but different circumstances forced me to stop. I am finally able to do a full round, hopefully with no interruptions. It has been 9 days since I started. I started at 178 (after loading). I am now at 165. Round 1 Goal . I am looming to reach 148 or less.

A note – DO NOT freeze your HCG, no matter what anyone tells you. Just refrigerate. I lost a $70 bottle of HCG because I listened to someone else and froze it. HCG is very fragile and freezing ruins it. Also, we can have vinegar and cucumbers on the diet, so some people say that means we can also have pickles. I have them sometimes. It’s up to you, I have been losing fine. Just another thing you may consider if you get bored with your food.

Another note – there is a diet soda called Zevia, that is sweetened with Stevia (a sweet plant). Zevia has no calories, no sugar, it’s all natural. I found a few cans at my local Whole Foods store for 99 cents a can. I’ve had two cans in a week and a half, it tastes better than regular diet soda. It’s nice to keep around for when you get a craving for soda. But don’t overdo it. BIGGEST THING TO REMEMBER DRINK WATER. NOT TEA OR COFFEE. GET YOUR LIQUIDS IN and DONT EAT PAST 8PM. This way your body has plenty of time to digest and flush out all of the food, and your weight in the morning will be correct.

Sara Deakin

Editor’s comment: Please note – HCG, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that Dr. Simeons is said to have discovered in pregnant women. HCG is used as a steroid and also as a weight loss program, as the hormone is said to consume fat. HCG and its use is not FDA approved, in fact, the FDA do not recommend HCG use.

Breakfast A Must

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to pass comment about breakfast. Breakfast is your most important meal of the day but do not have a large breakfast before you workout. Instead, have something light to switch your metabolism on, then workout. After your workout have your main breakfast meal.

If you want a good workout to do then try this. Get some dumbbells and use them slow and deliberate, preferably heavy enough to do say 15 repetitions. You should be struggling to complete the 15th on each workout. Do some bicep curls, you can also tie a string (decent size) to the dumbbell and the other end to the centre of rod through a hole. Grab each end and wind the string up with the dumbbell on the end for a wrist curl workout to get at the forearm muscles. If you are looking to get bigger arm muscles then try the tricep workout and dumbbell Y press for your shoulders. This will give you big arms and shoulders if you do it right over time. If your muscles feel like jelly, then you got a good workout.

It is also very important to stretch. Do stretches as much as possible for the muscle your working out and move them about afterward. Workout a different muscle group each time you go to the gym etc i.e. upper, middle and lower workout. You have to give your muscles time to repairing after you rip them (it’s when you rip them they grow rather than toning), and repeat each muscle workout until you can’t do any more (but don’t over train and damage them). You will also have to eat well. Have protein like a good steak or chicken and make sure you have enough veggies.

 Akrem Dhabdul

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