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Why Do You Feel Dehydrated?

Many people say that they feel thirsty often throughout their day, and sometimes at night. But, they don’t know how come this occurs. So, rather than keeping you guessing, we’re going to explore the common causes of dehydration. Hopefully this information will provide you with a thirst quenching answer to the question why do you feel dehydrated?

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? — Image By Pexels

You’ve likely talked about your dehydration with friends and relatives. You may even have spoken with your doctor about the problem. But you still haven’t found an answer. The issue still remains: you feel dehydrated quite often.

You might not realize it, but there several causes for your constant feeling of dehydration. Let’s take a look at some of the following common reasons now.

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? #1 Not Drinking Enough Water

Everyone needs to consume several glasses of water each day to keep themselves hydrated. However, some folks neglect to drink as much water as their bodies need. Consequently they become dehydrated.

How Much Water Should You Drink To Avoid Dehydration?

The amount of water you need to drink each day depends on a number of factors such as your level of activity, the climate and on your body’s requirements. Your body has unique needs and these are differ from other people.

While some people swear by the eight glasses of water daily rule. Others will drink only four glasses. The key to avoid dehydration is to drink frequently. A sip or two of water every 15-20 minutes is often enough during low levels of activity. If you’re doing higher intensity activity then drink water more often.

How Can You Make Hydration More Affordable?

If you feel that consuming a lot of bottled water will become an expensive habit, buy a water filter. This approach lets you drink water from your faucet. As such, your costs become minimal. You can even fill up your own water bottles from home to take with you during your day .

Why Do you Feel Hydrated? Lack Of Drinking Water Is Common.
Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? Not Drinking Enough Water Is Common — Image By Pexels

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? #2 Salty Foods And Drinks

Another way that you can end up feeling dehydrated is when you consume foods and drinks that are high in salt. As you probably know, salt (sodium) is a required mineral your body uses to maintain healthy muscles and nerves.

What Happens If You Have Too Much Salt?

However, too much salt in your diet results in an increased need to urinate and this leads to dehydration. To avoid this situation ensure you’re following a healthy diet and adding minimal salt to your food.

Salty Foods & Drinks May Lead To Dehydration — Image By Pexels

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? #3 Air Conditioning Exposure

Do you work in a location where you get exposed to air conditioning at all times? Perhaps your commutes to and from work also include being in air-conditioned cars, buses, or trains.

You might not know it, but prolonged exposure to air conditioning will make you feel very thirsty. The reason for that is simple: air conditioning removes moisture in the air.

Air Conditioning Can Lead To Dehydration — Image By Pexels

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? #4 Hot Working Environments

Many people have jobs where they work in hot environments. For example, bakers, steelworkers, and even lifeguards working at beaches during the summer. All these people, and many more, get exposed to high temperatures in their daily working environments.

When you work in hot areas or exert yourself, your body sweats making you feel dehydrated. When this occurs, it’s crucial for you to drink plenty of water. Becoming dehydrated in such environments and prolonged exposure to heat can lead to heat exhaustion.

Working In Hot Areas Leads To Dehydration — Image By Pexels

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? #5 Undiagnosed Diabetes

Lastly, if you don’t feel like any of the above reasons apply to you, it’s worth visiting your doctor and discussing your concerns. You may have an underlying illness such as undiagnosed diabetes.

When someone has diabetes, their body try to get rid of excess glucose by increasing urination. This condition can result in dehydration.

Why Do You Feel Dehydrated? Key Takeaways

The reasons illustrated above are by no means the only ones that lead to dehydration. But, they are the most common causes of many people becoming dehydrated daily. If any of these apply to you, it’s essential that you take steps to limit these causes.

Just to recap, why do you feel dehydrated stems from:

  • Not Drinking enough water
  • Consuming salty foods and drinks.
  • Air conditioning exposure.
  • Hot working environments.
  • Undiagnosed diabetes.

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