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June 2012


Mum’s Bums and Tums

I wanted to let you know that the article InShape News published on Mum’s Bums and Tums was brilliant. I belong to a parenting group and we all looked at it. This feature really put it into perspective for us all.

We often share parenting stories amongst ourselves and most of us have gained a little or a lot of weight. We also have had difficulty exercising. You know, funny pelvis and sore back, all, of which, make it hard to exercise. I never really thought of just going for a walk and those SRC shorts sound fabulous. Thanks. We are definitely considering all our options.

Mum of Three

Dear Editor,

I wanted to make comment on the Mum’s Bums and Tums article you published on June 21st.

This feature made so much sense to me. I am a mum of five beautiful children aged 4 to 16-years. They keep me on my toes at the age of 38-years. I am contemplating having another baby before I get too old and I must admit that even though I enjoy the ‘being pregnant’ time, I also dread putting on baby weight.

Your article really hit home. We are all different! Especially when it comes to pregnancy. I fit into the ‘gaining a lot’ category. So, it was refreshing to see that I am not the only one.

Lianne Shadwell was such an inspiration. What a beautiful girl. Young, and a personal trainer. She exercised during pregnancy and ate well. She gained 26-kilos with her baby. I was amazed. She looks fabulous today.

April at the age of 44-years looks equally amazing, especially when she says that she gained 35-kilos with the last baby. Truly amazing, she looks sensational.

Thanks. I, typically, gain some 30-odd-kilos when pregnant, and yes, I do care for myself. But, I often have wondered and questioned my weight gain, and if I was doing everything right. Now, I know I am.

Thanks again. This article is not like others I have read on baby weight. It makes everything so real and also so reachable.

Sharon Dempsey – Mum to Deon, Karin, Alexia, Nita and Zachary

Stubborn Fats

Dear Editor,

Whenever you adhere to the six abs load-up diet strategy, you have to limit your calorie intake to 1600 calories per day. You need to consume MUFA or monosaturated fatty acid and you have to eat this as a part of your diet plan. This really is enough to get rid of stubborn fats particularly within the midsection of your body.

Sebastin Emmitt

Functional Gardens for Food and Fitness

Dear Editor,

Ha brilliant concept. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I have put this into action and instead of going to the gym, which costs me a fortune, I have decided to use the backyard.

Does it work? Oh yeah. I have never been so sore in my life and I can feel every inch of my body. It is working. I can already see a difference in my look and I think my tracksuit pants are getting too big. The proof will be in the months of training too come. Who knows, I may even manage to get my husband out in the garden as well. That would be fun.

Great idea this functional garden. Excellent article. Thanks InShape.

Eva Graham

Dear Editor,

I, seriously, never thought of swinging off the beam in the carport or jogging around the landscaping before. I even found those boulders called moss-covered rocks useful. I use them for tricep dips. My dog even tried to join me. It is so funny.

My hubby just laughs at me. I think he thinks I am a little crazy. But, he can also see that I am starting to tone-up and get fitter, even over the last  couple of weeks.

Your story has also motivated me to plant that veggie patch that I have often thought about. It will be a while before we can eat the produce, but hey, thanks for this.

Your InShape News is something you should be very proud of. It really helps people like me to get off the couch and improve their lifestyle. It is great. Cheers.

Angela Patterson

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