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Dee Britton – Feeling Fabulous Forever – Victoria Australia.

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Owner: Dee Britton
Location: Croydon Hills, Victoria, Australia.
Service: Health and happiness coaching.
Caters To: All ages and stages of life.
Offers: Personal development, weight loss, healthy lifestyle options, better habit creation, increasing self-esteem and improving self-discipline.
Reach: Croydon Hills area and worldwide with online happiness packages.
Website: http://www.feelingfabulousforever.com

Dee Britton, owner and operator of Feeling Fabulous Forever, based in Croydon Hills, Australia, is a qualified personal trainer, life coach and NLP master practitioner, who has worked in the health industry for more than 10-years. Britton is also a certified hypnotist, neuro-linguistic coach and a primary school teacher.

Britton says that she has always been passionate about health, fitness and living life to the fullest.

“I believe that the fitter and healthier I am the more energy I have to help others to be their best,” said Britton. “I also love being a great role model for my children,” she said.

“I don’t so much like to focus on other’s losing weight, but focus on the positive changes in their lives as a result of being fitter, slimmer, stronger, healthier,” said Britton. “Too many people focus on a number on the scales and allow it to affect their moods. They really need to focus on how they are feeling each day and the end results dropping the excess weight will give them,” she said.

Britton says that she uses a range of techniques so that people can make the most of their life and lifestyle.

“The other techniques I use are visualisation, specific goal setting, the use of language and overcoming limiting beliefs.”

“Living a quality life and making a real difference in the lives of so many other people motivates me to continually strive for better results and help others achieve their goals,” said Britton. “Unfortunately too many people in this world are only just existing, not really living. If I am able to make a positive difference and help one person to achieve their goals then there is a ripple effect and they start doing the same with the people around them,” she said.

Britton does not believe that there is such a thing as the perfect work, exercise and pleasure balance in someone’s life.

“This is an individual thing and not a one size fits all,” said Britton. “When working with clients there are so many different variables that you need to look at to see what will work best for them,” she said. “But overall we all must make time for exercise, plan to eat well, and make time to grow our relationships, as well as educate ourselves through reading information that will uplift us, so that we can connect with ourselves spiritually and overcome any limiting beliefs that have been holding us back.”

Britton also says that it is important for every individual to take 100% responsibility for everything that is going on in their lives, as this is the key to self-development.

“I maintain my own health and fitness by planning my week,” said Britton. ” I plan to exercise everyday, even if it is incidental, and I plan my meals,” she said. “My cupboards are stocked with fresh, healthy food. Plus, I read daily for my mental health and I meditate daily for my spiritual health. I also make sure that I drink over two litres of fresh water each day.

“I use products that are non-toxic in my home and I take vitamin and mineral supplements,” said Britton. “I also set goals and action something every day, and I love everyone and laugh lots,” she said.

Britton says that achieving success, in anything, all comes down to mindset, especially when it comes to weight lose.

“The basic rule for losing weight is to expend more energy than you intake,” said Britton. “Everyone knows this, but why it is that we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic? It is all about mindset, values, belief and self-worth,” she said. “If more people got over the negative thoughts in their heads and unloaded the baggage that they are carrying around, then they would love themselves more, treat themselves better, and the world would be a happier and healthier place.”

In order for people to make positive changes in their lives, Britton says that must believe that they are worth it.

“Believe that you deserve to live a long, happy and healthy life and stop trying to do it all yourself,” said Britton. “Get a coach or a mentor – someone who has done it before,” she said. “Do something that you love everyday to move your body. It may be walking your dog around the block, it may be playing with your kids in the park or it may be taking dance lessons. Just get up off the coach and move. Your body was not made to be still.”

Britton also says that good, clean and health food is vital to good health.

“Eating 80% of fresh food is important, as well as taking daily supplements,” she said. “Processed food is not good for us and needs to be avoided as much as possible,” she said. “Shop outside of the supermarket. Many of our foods do not contain enough vitamins and minerals due to the declining quality of our soil, so you need to take supplements to increase energy and gain maximal health.”

More About Feeling Fabulous Forever

Feeling Fabulous Forever is based in Croydon Hills, Victoria, and caters to clients in the local area, as well as Australia wide and in international locations with online happiness and empowerment packages.

Dee Britton’s clients’ enjoy a comprehensive wellbeing program that allows them to take control of their life and to develop personal skills that may not have been their strong points in the past. By learning new ways to life a healthy lifestyle, Dee Britton’s clients’ are able to lose weight, increase their esteem and confidence, and feel empowered so that they can achieve any goal they set their mind to.

Website: http://www.feelingfabulousforever.com

Blog: http://www.feelingfabulousforever.com/category/happiness

Twitter: https://twitter.com/feelfab4ever

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/feelingfabulous

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  1. Great promotion for you Dee and your feeling fabulous forever work! You are a perfect example of a ‘yummy mummy’ as portrayed in your book. You also walk your talk. Terai x

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