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August 2012


Mum’s Bums and Tums

Dear Editor,

I was just reading your Mum’s Bums and Tums article. Firstly, I just wanted to commend you for being so in-depth. As a woman who has gained a considerable amount of weight during each of my pregnancies, I cannot express enough how comforting it is to know that other women also battle with their weight when pregnant. I wish I had of known about these great tips and advice when I was having babies. Especially, those special pants they are terrific.

Secondly, I hope other women who are now pregnant will read the great advice you have shared here. They are sure to appreciate the sharing of other women’s experiences, as much as I have. They also will be fortunate to put some of these great tips and advice into action, unlike me.

Lastly, thanks for putting together such as great and informative read. I will definitely be back and will continue to read you great online mag. It truly is very unique and special.

Sharie Webb – UK.

InShape NewsFlash Suggestions

Dear Editor,

I read your website regularly and still have not read every article. I just wanted to say that the addition of your Q ‘n’ A section and Opinion are fab. What an excellent resource these are proving to be. I have learned so much from your in-house experts. My body and habits are changing and being to improve. It is wonderful. I feel so much better, fitter and healthier because of these wonderful people.

I also just wanted to ask if you have thought about adding a sexual and metal health section? I think these would make incredible additions to your steadily growing online publication. Afterall, we all have sexual or mental health problems that we encounter at some stage in our life, and some people are far too embarrassed to discuss these with their doctor, family or friends. Anyways, it was just an idea.

Thanks for listening.

Alexia Manning – USA

Sydney Swans

Dear Editor,

I cannot believe it. They won. They took out the grand final. I remember the brief article you wrote about the Sydney Swans wanting to claim 2012 as their year. And guess what? Those water fowls have done it. They’ve won the AFL Grand Final and defeated Hawthorn. Amazing. I am still in shock. Ha, who said the under BIRD couldn’t take out the competition. Just goes to prove that hard work and determination can pay off. Go Sydney GO.

Ben Arnett – Australia

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