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Chad Chesmark: The Law of Attraction More Than Just Hocus Pocus


Photo Credit: Brad Cooper, 2010: Universal Law

Chad Chesmark, motivational speaker, and hypnotist, has spoken out about the Universal Law of Attraction. Chesmark says that there was a time that he thought this law was just pure hocus pocus. Now he says his views have changed.

Standing on stage at the age of six, as an amateur magician began Chad Chesmark’s career.  Though, he didn’t know this at the time.

Many shows and years later, Chesmark knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He longed to be a better performer, and, of course, speaker.

Now armed with several university degrees that focus on communication, sociology, public relations, and theatre arts, Chesmark, a certified hypnotist, speaks at corporate and public functions, and to teams about leadership. He’s in demand, and he’s exceptionally good at what he does, because he loves speaking and motivating, and this shines through at every performance.

But when you ask Chesmark about his belief in the Law of Attraction, he laughs. “The Law of Attraction is clouded in myth, dogma, and the metaphysical. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Chesmark says that he used to be a sceptic and one that was hard-core. So-called “gurus” had tarnished the Law and tried to make it into something that it simply wasn’t. This aspect was the one single point, says Chesmark, which drove him crazy.

However, in saying this, Chesmark admits this didn’t stop him applying the Law of Attraction to his life goals. Why? Well, because he knows that the Law works, and incredibly well.

So, what are the basics of this Law?

Well, simply put, you focus your attention on what you want to achieve, rather than letting all those negatives such as fears, worries and frustration, get the better of you. It’s a little like learning to drive.

When you learnt to drive, you needed to focus on where you wanted to go, rather than looking at that big tree on the side of the road. Watching the tree will take you there, said your driving instructor.

So, you forgot the tree and focused on the path ahead. This approach got you safely to your destination. The same principal applies to anything we do – push bike or motorbike riding, skating, skiing, and even life. Look where you want to go, and this is the direction you’ll take.

The key to mastering the Law, though, is not thinking consciously about change says Chesmark. It’s allowing your subconscious to lead the way. Rather than fixating on knowing how to apply the Law, don’t think at all. Let your subconscious to take control.

Chesmark says the secret to getting the Law of Attraction to work comes from reprograming your subconscious mind. You need to hear the positive, talk positively, and visualise the positive. A little like hearing no evil, speaking no evil, and seeing no evil, but with a far better outcome.

Therefore, if you want to be debt free, you need to visualise being debt free. Seek out ways to build wealth, tell yourself you have great wealth, and visualise your bank account statement in credit.

Overall, send out positive vibrations, and you will attract a positive outcome. The Law of Attraction is that simple.

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