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Author: Tricia L. Snell

Australian journalist and copywriter, Tricia Leanne Snell, has an extensive writing history that spans back to 2004. She is a short-and-long-form writer that works with large corporate clients and individual business persons, as well as magazines and other publications. Tricia specialises in health and fitness, real estate, mortgage and finance, automotive and investment. She is also an advocate and fundraiser for Kidney Health Australia, and has been for 10-years. In addition, she is a volunteer for the Community Visitor Scheme, which is a part of SA Health and the mental health system in South Australia. This is a three year statutory volunteer appointment, where Tricia, along with other volunteers, review mental health facilities, talk to patients and their families, staff and other people involved in the mental health system, and then she reports on her findings. The scheme has been initiated to improve the mental health system and Tricia reports directly to the ministerial body. Tricia’s qualifications include:
Bachelor of Communication – majoring in journalism (Qualified Journalist)
Certificate of Nutrition (Qualified Dietary Adviser)
Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer)

REAL LOVE Part 10: “All About Honesty (Do You Really Want it?)”

Being true to ourselves, saying what we mean and meaning what we say are certainly key components of a free life. And we all say we want honesty from other people in our lives. In fact, it’s usually high on our list of “must-haves” for a relationship. People get so hung up on it, though, that they spend all too much time over-thinking and questioning others’ words and actions looking for loopholes and evidence of dishonesty. That’s the ego, again. Afraid to get burned, it becomes the grand investigator and leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of dirt.


Road Riding Benefits For Track

Last month we discussed track for road racing and now I’d like to turn this around and discuss the benefits that road can bring to track riding. Let’s look at these now.


A well-nourished body and rest are needed to develop the strength and endurance needed to perform at an optimum level. With eating disorders affecting about one in 20 Australians, studies show that female athletes are twice as likely to develop anorexia.

Exercise & Eating Disorders

The benefits of physical activity for mental illness is well documented. 30-minutes of vigorous exercise, 3-times a week can contribute to improvements in depression and anxiety. 1. However, when the motivation to exercise becomes unhealthy, there are major health consequences.  There is a fine line between exercising for health benefits and the compulsion to exercise to the point where high levels of anxiety are experienced if exercise is delayed.

Bike Track Racing Improves Road Racing

Ever wondered how the pros make cobbles look so easy? They appear to be gliding across them, churning the cobbles like mud.

REAL LOVE Part 9: The Potential Vs. The Person

As humans, we run the risk of falling into the trap of the rat-race, the “chase the carrot” lifestyle. I will never forget how hard I laughed during the Landmark Forum the day the teacher gave us the chasing-the-carrot analogy. The reason I was laughing so hard that I almost choked was because it was true.

It’s Mental Health Week So Get Out & Active to Improve Your Mind’s Wellbeing

Mental Health Week runs from Monday 8 – Saturday 14 October, 2017 to highlight the fact that one in five Australians are impacted by mental illness. Plus, this week is also a time to shine a more positive light on the issue.

So why exercise? According to Health Direct sound mental health and exercise work well together. In fact, they are the best of friends, with one complementing the other so they achieve great results.  

REAL LOVE Part 8: To Good To Be True

It was only a couple days into my 90-day experiment (of finding truth, understanding and real love and connection during the onset of a new relationship) that I began to suffer at the hands of the big fat “F.” That would be fear, ladies and gentlemen. I kept a written log for a couple of months, to record how I was feeling, what came up for me, and to reference it as this journey progressed. They were just words, quick thoughts, concepts and feelings. I tried to jot them down as soon as they came up. [I do suggest this as an exercise for anyone that is willing to take a peek within and begin working through what’s really going on inside.] 

Flexible Dieting & Eating Disorders

Recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating involves so much more than just addressing diet. They are such complex issues often involving comorbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and substance abuse. At the centre of any eating disorder is a person who is trying to feel some sense of value. Adherence to rigid behaviours and rules around diet, exercise and other compensatory means,  gives this sense of value.

How I Improved My Travel Food Safety With Freedom Foods In One Day

Travel food safety is a must when travelling to ensure an enjoyable trip

It’s a fact, around 600 million people – almost 1 in 10 globally – fall ill after eating contaminated food yearly according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and a recent Lonergan Research survey found 1-in-4 Australians travelling to at-risk destinations fell ill on their last trip. So, how can you avoid getting sick when travelling?


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