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Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult

When life is good, it is much simpler to have an optimistic outlook. However, maintaining positivity when life is difficult can be challenging. Some people naturally think from a positive perspective, while others from a negative. While neither perspective is right or wrong, adopting a positive attitude may significantly improve your quality of life. Let’s find out how altering your way of thinking can help you overcome difficulties right now.

Maintain Positivity By Thinking Positive Thoughts
Happiness Is An Internal Power That Radiates Outwards–Photo by Juan Mendez on Pexels.com

What Is Positivity?

Challenging situations can and do surface in life. One minute you’ll feel on top of the world, all situations are positive and your mood is up beat and happy. When this happens your positivity attracts more positive energy. You feel content so you cope well with all situations because your subconscious assists you in dealing with challenges in a straightforward manner. You’re not letting your fears, worries, concerns or frustrations govern your choices. Instead, your positivity guides your decisions.

Let’s look at an example to clarify this point.

How Does Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult Occur?

Carla had a good job, she worked with people she liked and she had been with her employer for over five years. She had just bought her first home with her partner of seven years and she was extremely happy. But then she had an accident at work. Slipping over on a wet floor left Carla with severe back, neck and head injuries. As a result, she was unable to work, her relationship broke down and she had to visit slip and fall accident lawyers.

While she recovered from her ordeal her happiness faded and she found maintaining positivity difficult. However, her family and friends visited her daily. They encouraged her think positive, and they helped her make sense of her income protection and disability insurance, and her fall accident claim and how she could get her life back on track after her fall. Also, they encouraged her to fight negative ideas and eradicate harmful influences in her life.

Hazards Are Everywhere In Life Learn To Overcome Them With Positivity
Hazards Are Everywhere In Life—Photo by Thorn Yang on Pexels.com

How Can I Aim At Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult?

You can develop a negative attitude as a result of your immediate environment. When you are always surrounded by negative influences and are constantly sharing bad news, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude and be the only one who is joyful and genuine in the group. As a result, being optimistic is associated with a variety of factors. If you want to make positive changes in your life and become a more optimistic person, there are steps that you can take to alter your perspective.

Be Optimistic To Overcome Negativity
Be Optimistic To Overcome Negativity—Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult Step #1 Take a deep breath and a step back

In order to go forward when facing adversity, you must first take a deep breath to instill a sense of calmness, then step back and look at the situation from a fresh angle. The most effective method of getting back on track and “recovering” your positive attitude is to take time out from everything that is giving you stress or troubles in the first place.

Regardless of the nature of the difficulty you are dealing with, responding immediately to the situation will only make it worse. By taking a step back from the issue and examine it from an objective standpoint you’re able to think about what’s occurred and why it happened. Sure, it may be difficult not to feel sorry for yourself when you are in a difficult circumstance. But gaining greater awareness about the situation lets you see it with more clarity. And this can lead to you developing a different perspective and ways to resolution.

Think Positive To Start Your Day Off Well
Think Positive To Start Your Day Off Well—Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels.com

Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult Step #2 Surround yourself with people who are upbeat and optimistic

To have a happy mindset no matter what happens, surround yourself with positive individuals. If you find yourself surrounded by toxicity, then it’s time to rid yourself of the “problem.” Sure, it is difficult to eliminate toxicity from your life if the negativity comes from close friends, your partner, work colleagues or your employer. However, your health and wellbeing are far to important to let this negativity continue.

Positive individuals who support and encourage you are the elixir to health, happiness and prosperity. These people are more likely to encourage you to get back on track in less time if you experience difficulties. Plus, it gives you reassurance to know that if you experience difficulties that there is someone who will always be there for you no matter the difficulty of the scenario.

Surround Yourself With Positivity
Surround Yourself With Positivity—Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult Step #3 Give yourself time to heal

Remember that no matter how tough a situation appears to be, over time it will improve. Healing physical, mental and emotional anguish, resolving conflict or financial problems happens with time and patience. So, give yourself time to regain control over your life.

However, this does not imply that you should simply sit around and wait for the time to pass before you feel better. Instead, focus on what’s needed to heal your wounds. And then, work to resolving these needs over time.

Be Kind To Yourself
Be Kind To Yourself—Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Maintaining Positivity When Life Is Difficult Key Takeaways

Regardless of what you are going through, strive to keep your chin up and keep moving forward. While maintaining positivity when life is difficult can be challenging it is possible to overcome negativity.

Just to recap, here are the steps you can take to turn a negative situation into a positive one:

  • Take a deep breathe and step back from the situation;
  • Surround yourself with people who are upbeat and optimistic; and
  • Give yourself time to heal.

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