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Move Over Eyelash Curlers Botox Lashes Create Stunning Eyes With Less Effort

Hollywood movie stars aiming to look their best on camera were excited when eyelash curlers made their debut in the 1920s. The eyelash curling trend soon took off as beauty connoisseurs of the era watched the stars on screen and wanted to look as glamorous and alluring—with incredibly long, attractive lashes accentuating and framing their eyes. But despite the popularity of the eyelash curler, many connoisseurs found eyelash curling time-consuming and troublesome with users experiencing lash damage, eye infections and difficulty creating the beautiful eyes that they desired. Thankfully, lash botox, a new emerging eyelash beautification trend, is transforming the creation of beautiful lashes with less effort, damage and risk.

Let’s explore both lash curling and lash botox to find out more.

Eyelash Curler Popularity

Eyelash curlers were first introduced to the beauty scene in the 1920s and they quickly became a ‘must have’ for Hollywood movie stars as on-screen close-ups became the rage. Actors and actresses alike wanted to look their best and for many, this meant spending hours perfecting their looks.

Back then, lash curlers, which haven’t changed a lot when compared to today’s device, turned up the ends of lashes so that the eye appeared wider and the lashes longer. While the device did as promised it came with problems—it took too long to use, lashes were damaged, some lashes became tangled, and curling was uneven. However, beauty connoisseurs loved the contraption. If it was good enough for the stars, then it was ideal for them.

Today’s eyelash curler is proclaimed as making an instant impact on your beauty with them lifting lashes, making eyes look larger and more radiant, and adding a curl that’s captivating. However, there’s an art to using lash curlers.

Makeup artists, such as Katey Denno who works with celebrities, movie stars and those looking to look their best for any occasion, suggest that lash curling shouldn’t be painful when done right, and it’s a must to clean your lash curler regularly to ensure good hygiene.

For many though using the lash curler is awkward and the results are not as good as expected. This is why many beauty connoisseurs are turning to alternatives such as lash botox, an emerging beauty trend.

Lash Botox Makes Its Mark

Lash Botox is a relatively new treatment that uses natural products to plump lashes. It is a safe procedure when done by a certified technician, and many people who’ve had lash botox say that it is relaxing and they’ve been suitably impressed with the results. Plus, they’ve not experienced eye irritations.

It is also important to note that a lash botox treatment and lash lift are not the same. A lash lift is similar to a lash perm that uses chemicals to curl your lashes. Therefore, the risk of eye irritation is greater than having a botox treatment.

Lashy Cassie

Cassandra Moore, certified lash technician at Lashy Cassie, a lash botox studio situated in Perth, Western Australia, says that she loves how lash botox transforms the length and fullness of lashes using natural products.

“I love everything about lash botox. I like that it is a natural alternative to lash extensions. It adds vitamins into the lashes to help with growth, and it strengthens the hair, while collagen and keratin make the lashes thicker,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra, who says that she is happy she became a lash technician because the treatment does exactly what it says it will do, is excited that botox delivers amazing results for her clients.

“My clients are always thrilled. I’ve had a few come in wanting lash botox after having reactions to lash glue, or wanting a break from extensions,” Cassandra said.

For some, Cassandra’s treatments are revolutionary, with many clients saying that they cannot believe the results.

“I came to Cass for her introductory offer on the lash botox, ” said Lashy Cassie client Caitlin Taylor.

After having the 1 hour treatment, Cassandra’s client said she liked her new look.

“The difference was amazing. I looked as if I had a set of classics on. But it was my own lashes. It’s been a few weeks and the lift is still good after the first appointment, she said.”

Which Is Better Lash Curling Or Botox?

When it comes to deciding which is best for you, lash curling or lash botox, it’s important that you do your due diligence. This means looking at your options thoroughly and doing a lot of research. Then, test each method yourself, to see which one works the best for you.

Compare not only the results—fuller lashes, wider eyes, and lushes looks—but also consider the health of your lashes long-term, the costs of the treatment, and the longevity. For instance, if it costs less to buy lash curlers, but it takes you an hour to curl your lashes every second day, and you’re in pain after use, then you may want to turn to lash botox, which is more expensive, but only takes an hour and lasts for months with the health of your lashes improving with each treatment.

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