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Feeling A Little Sluggish? Boost Your Energy With These Hot Tips

There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish and fatigued. When you feel like this you cannot get anything done, everything is an effort and you have zero motivation. In fact, feeling sluggish can easily have a knock on effect for almost every aspect of your life—work, social outings, and even spending time with your partner and friends can all get pushed aside.

So, how can you find your mojo again and get that bounce back in your step? Let’s find out now with 5 Energy Boosting Hot Tips to reignite your fire.

Energy Boosting Hot Tip #1 Keep a Level Head

When you have little energy, it seems harder to focus on tasks and to keep on pushing through—especially if you have brain fog. You might also be battling against mood swings, a lack of motivation and feeling physically exhausted. When you can’t snap out of these symptoms it’s essential that you keep a level head.

One of the best ways to shift brain fog is to take a power nap. Hey, if it was good enough for Albert Einstein and other geniuses, then it’s certainly good enough for you. Power naps are typically a 20-minute recharge when you feel the need, and they let your brain get the reboot it requires to continue getting on with your day.

Energy Boosting Hot Tip #2 Move Yourself

As crazy as it sounds sometimes the best cure-all is to get out and about. Go for a walk around the block. Grab your surfboard, bike helmet or swimmers—whatever you enjoy doing, then take time out of your day and go and do it. Often this break will let you recharge your battery, give you time to clear your head and to think, and you’ll also get to soak up some much needed Vitamin D.

Energy Boosting Hot Tip #3 Listen to Music

Sure we all have our favourite artists, and our Spotify playlist is probably full of these. But sometimes it is fun to be adventurous. So, why not look for some new tunes and musicians, afterall music is said to be good for the mind, body and soul. You might be surprised at what you find. Plus, this quest may unearth a new music type that is enough to spark your interest and get your feet tapping—which is just what the doctor ordered.

Energy Boosting Hot Tip #4 Change Your Diet 

One of the biggest drainers of energy is your diet. The food that you eat directly converts into the fuel that your mind and body uses to perform tasks, including healing and growth. Failing to meet your nutritional needs—by eating too much sugar and not having enough vitamins—can have a dire impact on your physical and mental health. This, in turn, can erode your quality of life, as you may experience low or high blood sugar levels, fluctuation in your blood pressure and other factors that can reduce your energy and vitality.

The best diet that you can consume to ensure that you reach your fullest daily potential is a natural wholefoods diet, which focuses more on complex carbohydrates over simple, fresh fruit and veg rather than unhealthy processed snacks, and lean meats rather than those coated with flavourings or batter. Wholefoods contain lots of vitamins and minerals that will help you to feel energised throughout the day.

It’s also a good idea to avoid artificial foods such as candy, chips, ready-made-meals and take out, as these options are usually filled with bad fats, and too much salt, sugar, and preservatives. All of those not so good ingredients that can hold you back from achieving great health. 

Energy Boosting Hot Tip #5 Try Out A New Age Idea 

With such a large percentage of the population struggling with fatigue and low energy levels, there’s been a major investment into modern solutions that aim to put an end to tiredness once and for all. A great low risk place to begin your research is in the world of essential oils, as recent studies have proven that certain plant life has the potential to boost energy levels or reduce fatigue.

For example, both peppermint and spearmint essential oil are said to help boost exercise performance and improve focus. Alternatively, you could get in touch with a certified provider to book in a mobile IV therapy session—IV therapy is a recent trend that’s been endorsed by many famous faces who rave about the benefits. So, this may be something that works well for you, too. 

Don’t struggle through seriously low energy levels anymore—there’s no need. Instead, access your situation, and try one, two or even three different ways to restore your balance. Often, some of the best ways are the simplest.

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