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Your health and dental hygiene go hand-in-hand. In fact, according to research the impact poor dental hygiene can have on the body are massive.

Firstly, Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease, which is created by bacteria in the mouth, can lead to the loss of teeth. However, if left untreated, this bacteria can causes a whole range of serious health issues. These include jaw bone degradation, blood poisoning, brain damage and heart attacks.

Smile Kiss, CloSYS and Dental Hygiene

Anna Fraser, managing director of SmileKiss, a dental hygiene company that sells CloSYS, a revolutionary dental hygiene range that is activated by the amino acid in saliva, says that she and her husband started using the products themselves because they reduced harmful bacteria found in the mouth and they were a healthier alternative to the toothpastes and other dental products on the market.

Fraser, who has a bachelor of business degree and who is experienced in operations management, says that the difficulty in finding the CloSYS products here in Australia prompted her husband and her to become dealers in the products.

“There is an old saying that says, “I loved the product so much, I bought the company”. This is not exactly the case for me,” said Fraser. “But, I have formed this company around the CloSYS products, as I believe in them so strongly,” she said. “I started the company with the aim of providing a solution to many oral health issues.”

“My motivation has come from personal experience with the product and seeing how this product can have a real positive effect on people’s lives and give them more confidence,” said Fraser. “This is has really helped my husband, who had chronic halitosis before using CloSYS,” she said. “It’s motivating to know that by now being able to reach more people will have a proportional impact.”

The Fraser’s opened their business in July of 2011 and have not looked back since.

“The Simplicity of the product is popular,” said Fraser. “The routine entails toothpaste and mouthwash that are used by almost everyone interested in oral hygiene,” she said. “Many other specialty products on the market require quite rigorous routines, which are hard to maintain.”

“The results from CloSYS are remarkable, and it doesn’t require any special routines or additional activities.,” said Fraser. “Another difference is the patented ingredients in CloSYS, they simply work,” she said.

CloSYS Improves Oral Health

Fraser says that she uses CloSYS twice daily and visits her dentist every six months for a clean and check-up because your teeth are very much a part of your health.

“I find inter-dental brushes very effective and use them a few times a week to really clean the base of the teeth, and I always finish with CloSYS rinse,” said Fraser.

“Maintaining great oral health is one of my pillars for good all round health,” said Fraser. “There is increasing evidence about the impacts of oral health on the rest of the body, so it just makes sense to give it focus.”

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