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If you want to surf like a pro, but never had the confidence to follow your dream, then the Hurley Surf Club, with global hotspots, can make it happen. In Australia, the club is helping surfers progress from ‘wipeouts’ to ‘gnarly’ with their surf coaching program that’s travelling around New South Wales before heading to Victoria and, South and Western Australia.

The Hurley Surf Club coaching sessions are ‘free’. To participate, surfers must be over 12-years and able to catch waves and ride the line. So, the sessions are not for beginner boarders. Instead, they are designed to improve grommets, wahines and other surfer’s wave manoeuvres, so they rip and aim for a perfect 10.

How Long are the Free Coaching Sessions?

The free coaching sessions run for an hour and a half. Each session consists of eight surfers who ride the waves for an hour and are taped by a videographer. A surfing coach will then analyse the video footage and explain how a surfer can improve their surfing technique. Coaches typically review each session wave by wave so they can identify skills that can enhance surfing aptitude.

What are the New South Wales Session Times?

At present, there are three sessions listed in New South Wales, but the website is continually being updated. So, be sure to frequently drop by to check out any changes to session times and locations.

The New South Wales sessions listed are:

Saturday, December the 10th

  • Location: Hurley Surf Club, North Wollongong, N.S.W
  • Sessions: 8am to 10.30am; 11am to 1.30pm; and 2pm and 4.30pm

Sunday, December the 11th

  • Location: Hurley Surf Club, Kiama, N.S.W
  • Sessions: 8am to 10.30am;  and 11am to 1.30pm

Saturday, December the 17th

  • Location: Hurley Surf Club, Palm Beach, N.S.W
  • Sessions: To be announced

Are There Other Sessions?

Similar sessions will be held in Hawaii, California and New York in the United States; Hossenger, France; San Sebastian, Spain; and Newquay in the United Kingdom. Hurley will also be adding more regions in the future.

Does the Hurley Surf Club Have Other Offers?

For those surfers who miss out on a free training session or who want to improve their wave riding skills, they can take advantage of the how-to videos on some top manoeuvres such as the Backside Curve, Layback Hack and Frontside Tuberide. Surfers can also ask some of the world’s best ocean athletes questions about surfing.

Plus, surfers can send in a video of themselves surfing for analysis by Hurley. All the wave riders need to do is create a minute long video of them riding two right and two left waves. They can then upload this video to YouTube. Next, they’ll need to sign up for a consultation on the Hurley website, and fill out a questionnaire. A Hurley surfing coach will then review their video and provide comment within a day.

The resident online coach for Australia is currently Barton Lynch. Other countries have similar surfing legends providing feedback.

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  1. As a lover of surf, I’ll look into these schools. They sound rad.


  2. Ⲏa! Groovy concept.


  3. This is fab. Your hard work shows. Cheers.


  4. Wow, love this. I’m going to sign-up!


  5. Totally bodacious.


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