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Green Warrior Permaculture Saves Earth and Humanity Yet Again with Eco-Lodge

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Steve Cran, community stabilisation specialist at Green Warrior Permaculture, a social aid enterprise in the Philippines, has built the first eco-lodge at the organisation’s Shangri-La site, using nothing but raw materials supplied by planet earth.

More information is available at http://www.greenwarriorpermacultureaid.org.

While constructing sustainable accommodation for permaculture students is the driving force behind the latest Green Warrior dwelling, the eco-lodge, the organisation’s mission is to teach villagers how to create sustainable eco-tourism livelihoods. This initiative saves lives and the earth at the same time as it enables villagers to be self-reliant and productive, rather than aid dependent.

The new Green Warrior eco-lodge houses 20 students undertaking one of the organisation’s courses or 10 long-term trainees studying an apprenticeship. Green Warrior students can study the permaculture design or aid certificate, the diploma of permaculture aid or the apprenticeship program to become a trainer.

Made from bamboo, palms, and a mud mixture, as well as coco fibre, sand and rice husk ash, a form of cement bonds the eco-lodge. But, Cran is keeping the ratios a secret because he’d like others to attend a course and uncover the recipe for themselves.

The Shangri-La site is home to a permaculture farm, which spans over two hectares. Here visitors and trainees will find organic rice and vegetables, along with free range native pigs and chickens. Everyone also enjoys organic meals and wood-fired pizza. Plus, they learn organic farming and gardening techniques. However, if this is not enough, then visitors and trainees can visit local bat caves, trek up mountains and hike to waterfalls. Additionally, they can ride the adrenaline packed zip line across the jungle valley.

For full details of Green Warrior Permaculture projects, training programs and how others can save the Earth and humanity, please visit the Green Warrior website, as listed above.

About Green Warrior Permaculture

Green Warrior Permaculture, based in the Philippines, save the Earth and humanity one sustainability course at a time. The organisation’s team has 51 years of experience working in over 30 countries. They aim to teach humanity to build sustainable livelihoods, food security and resilient constructions.

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