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What is the difference between a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist?

The terms Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, are used interchangeably although they are very different concepts. To understand the difference between these concepts, let’s take a look at what Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy actually are.

Rewiring your Brain for a Positive Attitude

A new year has arrived, it’s the beginning of 2017. So, what is this year going to bring you? Hopefully, not the same as last year you say. Now, that doesn’t sound overally positive, does it? Consequently, I thought I would share a little secret that you can apply to rewire your brain to be more positive this year. Personally, I use this technique regularly myself and also share it with my clients. So, what opportunities do you think you could see if you saw life with a greater positive attitude?

How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight

We all know what we eat affects our gut bacteria but did you know that an imbalanced gut bacteria can cause weight gain?

Green Warrior Permaculture Saves Earth and Humanity Yet Again with Eco-Lodge

Steve Cran, community stabilisation specialist at Green Warrior Permaculture, a social aid enterprise in the Philippines, has built the first eco-lodge at the organisation’s Shangri-La site, using nothing but raw materials supplied by planet earth.

Unlearning Negative Thoughts and Behaviours of Eating Disorders and Excessive Exercise

Unlearning bad habits can make you feel like a new you

It takes 21 days to form a habit, whether it be a good or a bad one. That is not a long time considering how long these habits may last in someone’s life. If they are bad habits that last for years, then the consequences are damaging.


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