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4 Small Steps Towards Big Changes

You, like most individuals, likely have a full schedule, where you always feel busy. If you have children, then you tend to always put them before everything else, especially looking after yourself. So, just as you think you are getting into a good routine and making healthier lifestyle choices, then BAM, you find an unexpected situation comes along (like a global pandemic), and all of your hard work and good intentions fall by the wayside.

However, if you are determined to change your lifestyle, the best way of going about it is to take little steps towards your better life. Alter your habits, one at a time. Let us take a look at some of the small steps you can take. 

Small Step #1 Swap out the latte for a healthy juice or smoothie

When things are a little crazy, many of us rely on that steaming cup of coffee on the way to work in the mornings. And while the odd cup here or there is never going to hurt anyone, it is very easy to overlook the fact that a full-fat latte is packed with calories as well as caffeine. While it may give you an instant boost of energy, the effect wears off pretty quickly, healthy smoothies, on the other hand, will keep you going for much longer, and give you some of your daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Small Step #2 Get off the bus a stop early

Instead of jumping in the car, try walking or cycling to your destination if possible. If you can’t, then catch the bus, or the train and get off a stop or two early. Doing this every day adds a great deal of additional physical activity to your day, which amounts to huge changes.

You could also park at the very far end of the parking lot at work or the grocery store. Sure, it does not seem like a big change. But, you’ll be surprised how quickly you adap and start doing this all the time, so it becomes a habit where you do ‘a little a lot’.

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Small Steps #3 Take the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator or escalator in a store or a block of apartments, take the stairs. There is a reason the stair climbing machine is popular at the gym–it’s because it is pretty intense. Do this a few times a day and you will see a significant improvement in your fitness levels.

Small Steps #4 Ditch that last show

Lots of us tend to sit up very late at night and binge-watch our favourite shows on Netflix and Prime. However, a good sleep routine is essential to ensuring that we are at our best in the daytime. When we are sleeping, our bodies are resting and replenishing itself, so if we are not getting enough, our bodies will be working at less than optimum performance. So switch off the TV an episode or two earlier than usual and put down your cell phone or other devices. Your body will thank you for it the next day.

All of these things are just small steps, but each one adds up and can help to make a big difference over time. Try taking one step today and see how you get on.

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