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Ways To Start Practicing Self Care Right Now

Looking after ourselves is more so much more than just eating right and trying to do more exercising, although these are key components. Feeling well and having good health comes from balancing your responsibilities and ensuring that you pay attention to your wellbeing, which includes your mind, body and spiritual alignment.

Often many people don’t think about their health as more than healthy eating and exercising that is until they suffer a health setback and then they have to find ways to assist their recovery. Rather than reaching this point in your life, now is the time to embrace all aspects of self-care and to then incorporate these into your daily life.

Let’s look at the other aspects that you need to consider.

Self Care Consideration #1 Focus On Your Mental Health

One of the ways you can start to look after yourself better is by focusing on your mental health. There are few ways you can do this such as:

  • Try meditation – meditation will help you focus on breathing deeply, focusing and can help you to calm anxiety and worries. There are a number of ways that you can test meditation to see if it works for you such as joining a local class in your area or you can opt to download a podcast, app or search through YouTube. A quick net search using your favourite search engine should turn up a number of results for you to consider. If you’re not net savvy, then there are guided meditation videos that you can purchase.
  • Cognitive therapy – Another way you can look after your mental health is to find a therapist. Therapists can help you get to the source of underlying issues by using various cognitive behaviour therapies to correct any subconscious thoughts and to help you deal with certain manifestations such as anger, self-esteem, grief, depression and anxiety. These therapies will allow you to think differently about these aspects in the future. These types of therapies can also be useful as a preventative measure so that you ensure sound mental health. 

Self Care Consideration #2 Health Checks

There are a number of health checks that you should have at different ages in your life. The most prevent being in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. The most common checkups include cholesterol levels, diabetes, blood pressure, iron, vitamin levels, and skin lesions such as moles. Other checks can include STDs, HIV, and common cancers such as cervical, breast, bowel and prostate.

These regular checkups prevent you from getting illnesses that are predominately related to lifestyle choices. Plus, they help you avoid serious health problems later in life.

It’s also a good idea to see your doctor regularly to ensure your health is well maintained. And as much as we dread it, visiting your dentist, audiologist and optician annual after the age of 50 can ensure that your teeth, hearing and eyesight are kept in optimal condition.

Self Care Consideration #3 Greater Food Variety

Sure, we all know we need to eat fewer takeaway meals, even though the odd one here or there isn’t going to hurt you. But when we start making takeaway a part of our daily routine, then we need to stop and consider what we’re putting into our body and the damage that this is doing to our cells, hormones and other influential health factors.

If you find that you’re not fuelling your body right and you want to make changes, then start with the basics such as introducing more fruit and vegetables into your diet. You can try incorporating fruit into your breakfast by adding some frozen berries into your porridge or other favourite cereal.

Then for lunch and dinner just try to make your plate colourful. Vegetables come in all different colours so aim to add some variety to your plate. You’ll be thankful you made the changes later down the track, and you may even find that it improves your waistline over time.

Self Care Consideration #4 Better Hygiene

If you’re not one for brushing your teeth well twice a day, then it could be time to improve your dental hygiene. The more you brush, the less you have to visit your dentist.

The same can be said about a regular skincare routine. If you cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day then your skin pigmentation, pores and collagen output look consistent. You’ll also maintain your youthful appearance and keep age spots and other skin blemishes at bay.

By incorporating these tasks and practices into your life gradually you’ll develop better health habits that will contribute to overall self-care. Remember it’s essential to look after your mind, body and spiritual wellbeing at any age.

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