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Can Active Wear Protect You From COVID-19 & Other Viruses?

Having been asked frequently if active wear can protect against COVID-19 and other viruses, InShape News thought it was time to give its devoted followers an answer. So, we’ve delved into the research vault to uncover some hidden artefacts covered by what appeared to be layers of workout leggings, sports bras and men’s running shorts.

So, what’s the verdict based on the testimonial and evidence collected? We’ll tell you the facts, and you make up your mind.

Is Active Wear COVID-19 Safe?

Lorna Jane Pain

Back in 2020, fitness icon Lorna Jane made claims that her ‘anti-virus activewear’ sprayed with ‘LJ Shield’ could prevent the spread of COVID-19. This claim couldn’t be backed-up and saw the company fined $40,000 by The Therapeutic Goods Administration for breaching advertising standards and not gaining approval before making the claims.

But Lorna Jane’s pain didn’t end there. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wanted more. In December 2020, the government body took Lorna Jane to court over the matter. The verdict handed down by the judge—who said that the company’s claims were “exploitative, predatory and potentially dangerous”—was a $5 million fine.

Lorna Jane is not the only fitness wear company to jump on the COVID-19 profitability wagon though. There have been many others. The difference is that these companies have been far more vague when making any statements. Rather than coming right out and saying it, they let you read between the lines and make your own assumptions.

Under Armour Misses Fire

Rather than boldly stating that their active wear stopped SARS-CoV-2 in its tracks, Under Armour was a little more diplomatic. Instead, the company said it had tested its products like IFTNA’s PROTX2 AV with the virus. The product uses a medical performance textile and ecofriendly zinc-based technology, which is antibacterial and antimicrobial—providing mold, mildew and odour protection. But, does this mean it’s antiviral?

BioRomper Pathogen Stomper

Reducing cross-surface contamination, the BioRomper, which covers you from neck-to-ankle, uses silver ion antimicrobial technology that makes it ideal for use outside your home. A unisex, all-in-one, the BioRomper is proving popular as it’s functional, uses recycled fabric and provides comfort. Is this the same as providing virus protection?

What’s The Verdict?

The Testimonials

Searches for testimonials stating that active wear had saved lives from COVID-19 and other viruses returned no results. Alas, there none to be found. However, if you know of someone or if your life was saved, then please speak up. It is essential that this information is passed on.

The Evidence

But get this, according to scientists active wear can possibly stop you from getting sick. Of course, it’s essential that you read the small print because there’s a big difference between inhibiting the growth of bacteria and stopping a virus.

Microbes, like mold and mildew thrive in warm environments, so active wear antibacterial technology isn’t all that new. And, yes they do kill pathogens but gradually over time. These fabrics cannot kill on impact.

Frontline workers have also tested medical-grade clothing. Many have fallen victim to COVID-19 and other viruses. So, while the clothing may act as some type of barrier, it does not give you immunity.

The World Health Organisation says that it’s time to bust the myths and flatten the infodemic curve because we are exposed to far to much unreliable data during the pandemic. It’s time to check facts, get your news from trusted sources, to not spread unchecked rumours, and to ask others ‘how do you know that’s true?’

So, what’s your verdict? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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