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4 Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier

While you like indulging in chocolate, fast food and having a glass of wine or a beer after work, deep down you know that it’s not good for your health. In fact, every time you eat food or drink a beverage that’s not nutritious for you feel a little guilty because you know that you really should try to live more healthily.

But the truth of the matter is even though the voice in your head keeps saying that you should look after yourself better, you’re struggling to do it. Instead, you prefer to stay in bed, rather than get up earlier to workout, and you cannot fight the urge to just have one more cake, stop at the burger joint or down another ale. So, how can you break this vicious cycle so you feel better about yourself?

Let’s look and 4 inspirational mantras to motivate yourself to live life healthier right now.

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Lack of motivation is one of the biggest hurdles that we all encounter. We get that it’s difficult for you to drag yourself out of a warm bed in the middle of winter to go for that jog or to do weights and a cardio workout. We get that you can’t resist the urge to buy that donut, cake or chocolate. And we get that you’re tired after a hard day at work and you just cannot be bothered cooking healthy food when you get home.

Motivation is the main ingredient that most people lack for them to be successful—and that’s their downfall. Don’t make it yours.

Live Life Healthy

You can accomplish anything if you want it enough. You are the shaper of your own destiny…

Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier #1 “Looking After Myself Will Improve My Mind And Body”

If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning and make a nutritious breakfast or go to the gym after work, then it’s time to reflect on the positive reasons for you to get yourself moving.

Words of wisdom for you to build greater self-belief:

  1. It will get easier the more you do it.
  2. You only need to devote 15-30 minutes to moving yourself daily.
  3. Your mind and body will thank you.
  4. You’ll feel happier and more content.
  5. You’ll look hot in jeans and a tee, and in your swimmers in no time at all.
  6. You won’t feel self-conscious anymore.

Reminding yourself of why you’re ‘doing this‘ constantly will help you to develop good habits that are sustainable. Plus, you’ll make yourself accountableyour health is your responsibility, not someone else’s.

Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier #2 “I Can Draw On The Success Of Others To Get Over My Mountain”

When you find it difficult to workout or eat well and you don’t feel that you can climb that mountain by yourself, then draw on others for inspiration.

Words of wisdom for you to build greater self-belief:

  1. If they can do it, so can I.
  2. I can be as strong as this person.
  3. Look at where they started and where they are now—I can do that also.
  4. I will get over my mountain because they conquered theirs.
  5. I can be just as successful, if not better.
  6. They are just like me, only stronger.

By drawing on the success of others and using their power as a motivational source, you’ll find it easier to overcome any challenges your face so that your mountain starts to look more like a steep hill, and then just a hump.

Your motivational source of power might be someone at your gym who has the body that you have always wanted, or it might be someone who works within the wellness industry, such as America’s Health Group Jason Price, or someone else that you look up to. Instead of glaring at that gorgeous girl with that perfect figure when you’re out shopping or that guy with incredible abs because your envious, make them your source of inspiration to workout and eat right.

Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier #3 “I Want To Feel Good About Myself Today”

A lot of people think that becoming healthy is necessary in order to feel good about themselves. But the opposite is actually the case.

Words of wisdom for you to build greater self-belief:

  1. I need to love myself first so that I can be healthier tomorrow.
  2. I take full responsibility for me, myself and I.
  3. I can dedicate all of my effort to making myself feel better about who I am.
  4. I can be truthful and honest with myself always.
  5. I will get to know myself better than I ever have.
  6. I am able to look after the wellbeing of my mind and body.

Self-conviction comes from within, and it is the belief in yourself that lets you accomplish anything that you set your mind on. The only barriers that you have to overcome are those that you set for yourself. So, you need to get your head around making yourself better and not relying on or expecting others to do that for you.

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Eating Nutritious Foods Is Empowering – Image Faizan @ Pexels.com

Inspirational Mantras To Motivate Yourself To Live Life Healthier #4 “If I Work With Others Together We Can Overcome Challenges”

If you’re a sociable person who likes interacting with others then invite someone whose company you enjoy to join you on your health kick and wellbeing journey. This approach makes workout and eat right fun, effective and powerful.

Words of wisdom for you to build greater self-belief:

  1. Together we can make what seems impossible, possible.
  2. You and I are able to empower each other to reach untouchable heights.
  3. Let’s high-five one another for each and every milestone we reach.
  4. By taking the time to encourage each other, we are able to make it to the finish line.
  5. Sharing a challenge creates unity and leads to greater respect for yourself and others.
  6. Give assistance to your fellow beings and reap the rewards.

Buddying up is known to improve motivation and it also improves the effectiveness of your workout and nutritional plan. Plus, it just more fun to share what you’re doing with someone else so that it supercharge your efforts

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