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12 Steps to Transformation: A Month-to-Month Guide Bringing Joy, Peace, Love & Fulfillment: Part 3 Acceptance

Suffering stems from the denial of “what is.” Resisting what is will not change it. In fact, it seems to bring us more of what we do not want. Byron Katie said, “Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.”


When Healthy Becomes Dangerous

What gives? In the everlasting task of health and wellness, we often set unrealistic goals perpetuated by our inundation with social media. You know what we’re talking about. The 25 fitness models you follow on Instagram aren’t doing much to help in a society with body image issues. It’s useless to deny the influence that influencers hold over our perceptions of health, beauty, and the drive to perfect ourselves. So, we’ve designed an infographic that shows you what’s healthy and what’s not.

12 Steps to Transformation: A Month-to-Month Guide Bringing Joy, Peace, Love & Fulfillment: Part 2 Faith & Trust

There is something inherently scary about the “unknown.” We all flock towards safety and comfort. But the thing about life is that there is little certainty, and though we think we are in control, it’s really an illusion. We have no control of anything outside of ourselves. But we have total control of our own choices and state of being. If we want to cultivate inner peace and contentment, it’s imperative that we practice having trust and faith in the Divine plan and order of things, knowing we are safe and supported by life fully. 

Transformed: Desk Jockey To Fitness Competitor – The Motivation Behind the Body

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “I just don’t like the way I look anymore?”

I think we’ve all done this at one time or another. The difference for me though is this time I was prepared to do something extreme to bring back that girl that I once was.

How I Improved My Travel Food Safety With Freedom Foods In One Day

Travel food safety is a must when travelling to ensure an enjoyable trip

It’s a fact, around 600 million people – almost 1 in 10 globally – fall ill after eating contaminated food yearly according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and a recent Lonergan Research survey found 1-in-4 Australians travelling to at-risk destinations fell ill on their last trip. So, how can you avoid getting sick when travelling?


Kava now legal in Australia

InShape Feature – Anxiety Sufferers Kava is Now Legal  It’s estimated that some 45% of Australians will experience a mental health disorder during their lifetime. In fact, in a year around 1 million Australias will suffer from depression, while 2 million will have anxiety. However, changes to national supply laws mean that one of the fastest acting […]


Anyone who has been shopping lately knows how hard it is to find the right cooking oil. Many of us, including Fiona Tuck, nutritional medicine practitioner, stand in front of the shelves just gazing at the endless choices – canola, olive, avocado, and rice bran – the list just goes on-and-on. Then, we recall the latest research and other published findings, further complicating the issue further – don’t go for animal fats vegetable is better, hang on, it may be better to switch back. Duh-oh! So, which oil is the best for our health?

Virtual Reality – 30-Minute Core – Grit – The Orange Theory – HIIT – Sprint – It’s a Fitness Revolution

The face of the fitness industry is changing rapidly with the latest trends in fitness training – short, intense workouts taking taken over, because “TIME IS MONEY”!

New Chronic Pain Treatment Revolutionises Sufferer Therapy Options

The Resolve Pain Clinic, based in Caine, Western Australia, has announced that a second pilot study and recent in-clinic testing suggests a new, very inexpensive neurological treatment method can actually switch off chronic pain signalling, often in just minutes. This new chronic pain strategy has been found to be useful for a broad range of chronic pain types, from back and neck pain to arthritis pain, and even fibromyalgia.

Healthy Eating: The Mediterranean Diet

Research indicates that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and stroke. However, this diet is a lifestyle choice rather than a short-term craze to lose weight and improve health.


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