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5 Ways To Make Walking A Workout

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Walking, as simple as it sounds, is a great way for you to burn calories, especially after you’ve eaten a hearty meal. Plus, walking can reduce your risk of bigger health problems, such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and battling the bulge.

Minimize Your Risk Of Catching Covid With These Tips

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Nobody wants to catch Coronavirus (Covid), which is going around the world at super-fast rates. Reported cases are now well over 155 million globally, and while more than 133 million people have recovered, some 3 million have perished. With these figures flying around and media reporting of further Covid chaos daily, you may be concerned that you’ll come into contact with someone who has the virus and that you’ll pass it on to a person more vulnerable than yourself. Then there is the fact that you never quite know if you will respond poorly to the illness or not. So, there is always some health risk there for you.


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