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It’s Mental Health Week So Get Out & Active to Improve Your Mind’s Wellbeing

Mental Health Week runs from Monday 8 – Saturday 14 October, 2017 to highlight the fact that one in five Australians are impacted by mental illness. Plus, this week is also a time to shine a more positive light on the issue.

So why exercise? According to Health Direct sound mental health and exercise work well together. In fact, they are the best of friends, with one complementing the other so they achieve great results.  

3 Shocking Wild Women On Top Secrets You Never Knew

Wild Women On Top Sunrise Health Hike Kick Off

INSHAPE NEWS LIFESTYLE – 3 Shocking Wild Women On Top Secrets You Never Knew In celebration of Women’s Health Week (Mon 4 – Fri 8 September) Sydney-based women’s hiking and adventure group, Wild Women On Top, is hosting a  women’s happy Sunrise Health Hike on Friday 8 September at 7 am. So, get out your trackie-dacks […]


NEWS FEATURE: Adventure travel for some is no more than visiting the next town or city. But, for others, this means trekking to Nepal, Africa, or Laos. Also known as heritage travel, ecotourism, and community tourism, adventure travel is an active and expanding industry that contributes significantly to economic growth. The ‘ecotourism’ industry, according to […]


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