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Bike Training On A Budget: It Can Be Done

It is true that if you want to add bling to your bike and the latest gadgets, then you may have to fork out a lot of money. But, when it comes to training on the bike you don’t necessarily have to throw away your life savings.

Listen to Your Heart

In today’s culture, we have not been encouraged to listen to the soft whisper of the heart.  The beating of the drum that resides within us carries a rhythm with it, deeply interconnected and woven with all of creation.

6 Ways To Cope With Hotter Temperatures After A Turbo Winter

Many riders in cooler countries are now looking to get off the turbo and jump on their cycle, which can be a shock to the system due to a change in temperature. We look at how you can avoid this and get fitter faster.

Road Riding Benefits For Track

Last month we discussed track for road racing and now I’d like to turn this around and discuss the benefits that road can bring to track riding. Let’s look at these now.

Bike Track Racing Improves Road Racing

Ever wondered how the pros make cobbles look so easy? They appear to be gliding across them, churning the cobbles like mud.


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