Munchweb Bites the Net Taking Fitness Entrepreneurs from Zero to Hero



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Munchweb, an Irish online hub that breaks down big bites of entrepreneurial information, is giving away ‘free’ Net busting easy-to-use business guides, so firms of all types, as well as health and fitness professionals who are sick of getting nowhere online, can maximise their productivity and increase their profitability. More information is available at

The brainchild of an entrepreneur whose websites reach more than 30 million people and feature in The Sun and on USA Today, Munchweb is a ‘must visit’ destination for every entrepreneur who wants to get ahead of their competition fast. Rather than wasting hours searching for relevant information, Munchweb brings business owners the latest business building innovations, so they can master the Net now and leave their competitors reeling in their dust.

What’s more, Munchweb offers new visitors to their site two free guides to get them started – ‘4 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Fail’ and ’14 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral’. Both guides are downloadable from the Munchweb site in PDF format.

Apart from these freebies, Munchweb also offers daily entrepreneurial insight. Focusing on online entrepreneurship, blogging and marketing, and social trends, Munchweb simplifies difficult to understand concepts, features online business models, and offers all business owners productivity tips. Visitors to the website can read the latest articles, ‘How Trump is Manipulating Online Media and Facebook’, and ‘Boost Readers 5000% by Plagiarizing Your Own Content on Medium, LinkedIn and Reddit’.

However, this is not all that Munchweb offers. For those entrepreneurs seeking productivity increasing means for their business, then Munchweb delivers some of the best – ‘PressCable’ and ‘Wookle’.

PressCable is one of the quickest developing PR companies on the Net. This platform enables business owners to either write their own press release using innovative software or to have a professional writer create a press release for them. The choice is entirely up to the firm.

Wookle, on the other hand, is a social media platform that’s said to be 350% more effective than the Facebook ‘Like’ button. This widget increases website traffic by thousands.

To download a free copy of the free Munchweb guides, or to find out more about the business productivity tools, please visit the Munchweb website listed above.

Summary:   Munchweb, based in Ireland, takes big bites of the Net so owners of any size business, large or small, can use this resource as an effective marketing and productivity tool. The website’s founders are entrepreneurs with years of marketing experience that has sold them over 100,000 digital and physical product sales.





  1. Darla Heath says:

    This makes sense! another fab article. Loving your work


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