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There are many anxiety sufferers around the world. For instance, research indicates that more than 3.8% of the world population experiences anxiety, 3.4% have depression and 0.6% struggle with bipolar disorder. What’s more, data suggests that more than 10.7% of the world’s population will have a mental health disorder in their lifetime. Moreover, this number is growing. But thankfully, practitioners are working hard to provide more help. As a result, for anxiety sufferers kava is now legal.

In Australia, 45% of people will have a mental health disorder during their life. In fact, around 1 million Australians will have depression in a year, while 2 million will be anxiety sufferers. However, changes to national supply laws mean that for anxiety sufferers, kava is now legal. And for those of you who don’t know, kava is one of the fastest-acting natural supplements to reducing anxiety.

Early in 2017, Western Australia made the use of kava, a plant-based relaxant, legal. As a result, this news was a break through for anxiety sufferers, says Dr Bruce Kambouris. Dr Kamnouris is a natural healer and the creator of RelaxMax Kava.

“When dealing with stress and mild anxiety, kava helps people to change their life”, Kambouis said. “Plus, the fact that kava is now legal across the country means more people can benefit from its healing ability.”

Kava now legal in Australia
Photo Credit: Scot Nelson, 2014 – Kava Is Now Legal

Studies indicated that kava is moderately effective at reducing anxiety symptoms. However, eating kava can cause side effects. As a result, these effects range from relaxation, euphoria and a loss of muscle control. But, the good news is these effects only occur when people eat kava in large amounts. 

Moreover, Dr Bruce Kambouris says that the number of kava doses and regularity of eating are the keys to cutting down the number of reactions. When taken as prescribed, then kava is safe to use. For instance, side-effects from the use of kava may then be hardly noticed or seen at all.

“Taken at the right dose, kava acts fast and is easy to tolerate. I’ve seen how it can help my people reduce the cycle of ongoing mild anxiety. Taking kava has a positive impact on their coping levels and their daily lives”, Kambouis said.

Studies also back the doctor’s claims. Randomised, double-blind clinical trials carried out at the University of Melbourne showed that kava lowered the signs of mild anxiety.

Kava reduces anxiety
Photo Credit: Mike Kline, Anxiety Suffers More Help Is Now Available, 2017

Eight-Week Clinical Trail 

During an eight-week study led by Dr Jerome Sarris, 75 patients with anxiety received kava or a placebo. In addition, regular checks of their anxiety levels then occurred to make sure they were coping well with treatment.

Firstly, the study findings showed a large drop in mild anxiety, with 37% of the kava group showing progress. Secondly, the kava group showed a total drop in their anxiety signs by the end of the trial. Only 6% of the placebo showed any change.

“These results show that kava offers people a natural way to manage anxiety,” said Kambouis.

Dr Jerome Sarris said, “We are not looking into kava to replace normal care. But, we see it as an added choice for treatment.”

Dr Sarris and his team are now doing long-term trials to study kava’s uses for people with anxiety further. What’s more, these studies are showing good signs of helping. The research team are sure that new cures will soon be on offer.

To find out more about Dr Bruce Kambouris’ RelaxMax™ Kava, visit relaxmaxkava.com.au.

About RelaxMax

RelaxMax™ Kava is a wildberry flavoured, fizzy kava supplement. This product may help to relieve the effects of mild anxiety, stress and sleeplessness—naturally. RelaxMax™ Kava is a form of pure root extract, and the patented fizzy mix boosts intake for fast results. Each box of RelaxMax™ Kava contains 14 x 4-gram sachets of fizzy powder (equal to 125 mg active kavalactones). These sachets mix with 125 ml water or milk. The best dose is up to two sachets per day.

This kava drink is classed as an added remedy. Plus, it is made in Australia under the cGMP (Code of Good Manufacturing Practice). To find out more about RelaxMax™ Kava visit www.relaxmaxkava.com.

Also, each 4g sachet has Piper methystic extract in it that is equal to dry rhizome 5g, and equal to 125mg of kavalactones.

RelaxMax™ Kava is for Adults and not for long term use. Using kava for too long may harm the liver. If effects of anxiety are still noted, then consult your doctor. Kava is not suited for use by pregnant or lactating women. Kava contains lactose and 50mg of Sucralose. The best daily dose of kava contains 307mg of sodium. And please always read the label and use only as directed.

About Dr Bruce Kambouris

RelaxMax™ Kava is the latest advance in research for scientist and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner (AHPRA) Dr Bruce Kambouris. After seeing rising numbers of patients with stress and anxiety problems, Dr Bruce pioneered RelaxMax™ as a natural option. A qualified chemical engineer and with a PhD in medicine, Dr Bruce has written several medical publications for the CSIRO. He is also the inventor of award-winning AquaBotanical—pure drinking water extracted from fruit and vegetables. AquaBotanical is a product that is generating much interest in countries with unreliable or scarce water supplies.

Find out more about Dr Bruce at www.relaxmaxkava.com.

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