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How To Cope With Anxiety

Knowing how to cope with anxiety is difficult, especially when your symptoms have hold of you. Take Peter, for example. He spends most of his day worrying about his finances and his inability to pay his bills. Often Peter gets so worried that he has difficulty concentrating, gets irritable and has constant headaches and stomachaches. Peter also has difficulty sleeping and feels fatigued as a result.

You may experience similar symptoms to Peter, or your symptoms may be completely different. However anxiety makes you feel, there are ways for you and Peter to build better-coping skills. These techniques are quick, easy to learn and help reduce and control your anxiety. Let’s look at how you can get started today.

Learning How To Cope With Anxiety Let's You Regain Control Over Your Life
Learning How To Cope With Anxiety Let’s You Regain Control Over Your Life — Image By Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

How To Cope With Anxiety #1 Know What Anxiety Is

Short-lived anxiety is a normal part of everyday life. We all worry about paying bills, having enough money to support ourselves, and resolving health issues or problems at home or work. This worry is often temporary, as we find ways around it, leaving anxiety behind.

But, when anxiety is with you all day, every day, and it won’t let you sleep, it’s time for you to tame this beast. Often this anxiety starts out as temporary, but we don’t know how to control it. So, it grows and becomes bigger until we find it difficult to manage. This anxiety type is like a pesky fly that won’t leave you alone. The fly crawls on you no matter how much you try to shoo it away. It annoys you so much that you become distracted by the fly, and it consumes your thoughts and actions, just like your anxiety.

HOT TIP – Become well acquainted with anxiety. Know your symptoms, and understand how you react so that you can develop effective management strategies for yourself.

Know What Anxiety Is And How You Deal With It
Know What Anxiety Is And How You Deal With It — Image by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

How To Cope with Anxiety #2 Understand Your Triggers

Situations and events you encounter that set off your anxiety are known as triggers. Taking note of these triggers can counteract how they make you feel and allow you to take evasive action. For instance, you can avoid the situation altogether. As such, if a person gets under your skin, you can stay away from them

Alternatively, you can plan to use a technique to reduce your anxiety before it manifests. Learning how to counteract anxiety is a useful tool. Practising the art of control when certain issues cause you more stress or tension builds your confidence.

HOT TIP – Understanding your triggers lets you control your thoughts and feelings.

Understand Your Anxiety Triggers
Understand Your Anxiety Triggers — Images by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

How To Cope with Anxiety #3 Create A Routine

Starting and finishing your day the same way helps you maintain organisation and structure in your life. For instance, getting up at the same time daily, eating a small snack and working out before showering and getting ready for work is effective in developing a healthy routine. These factors let you control how you think and feel.

Once you’ve established a daily routine, you can create and add an anxiety management routine to your daily ritual. Your anxiety management routine can consist of walking and practising breathwork. Deep breathing and meditation are also techniques that you can use to remove the focus from your anxiety. This mind shift often helps you relax and concentrate on your coping skills.

If you’re unsure where to start, many workout, yoga practice, deep breathing, and meditation sites and apps are available online. Alternatively, you can visit YouTube and other video sites. To find what you enjoy, experiment and test out various options.

HOT TIP – Start by establishing a daily routine. Once you manage this well, move on to creating an anxiety management routine. Take small steps toward change to control your anxiety better.

Create A Routine To Control Anxiety
Create A Routine To Control Anxiety — Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

How To Cope With Anxiety #4 Take Time Out

There are many ways that you can relax. Taking regular time out for yourself lets you reset your mind and body. This break may consist of just sitting quietly in a park or on a beach, or you may choose to participate in a sport or take up a hobby. Removing yourself from what you do daily reduces stress levels and counteracts anxiety. For example, creative hobbies such as painting, drawing, building models, and even riding a bike or motorbike are some of the most common activities people with anxiety take up as it involves the mind and body and gives them an outlet for their feelings.

HOT TIP – Take time out once or twice a week to form a regular habit. Notice how your anxiety feels during this time. If you feel relaxed, increase the amount of time out you have.

Take Time Out For Yourself To Cope With Anxiety
Take Time Out For Yourself To Cope With Anxiety — Photo by Nishant Aneja on Pexels.com

How To Cope With Anxiety #5 Supplements

Several supplements, such as delta 8 gummies, green, lavender and peppermint teas, herbal remedies and even Kava, are available to treat anxiety. Some of these are available online or over the counter, while others require visiting a specialist. Before trying any form of treatment, consult your doctor. This tactic ensures that you look after your health and find solutions that work with existing medical conditions.

HOT TIP – Try one supplement at a time to narrow down the most effective.

Try Different Supplements To Cope With Anxiety
Try Different Supplements To Cope With Anxiety — Image by Mareefe on Pexels.com

How To Cope With Anxiety Key Takeaways

By understanding your anxiety better, you can manage and control its impact on you and your life. Remember that you and your situation are unique, so it may take time to master the art of control over your anxiety. Be patient, and test various techniques to find what works for you.

To recap, how to cope with anxiety comes from:

  1. Knowing what anxiety is.
  2. Understanding what your anxiety triggers are.
  3. Creating a routine.
  4. Taking time out.
  5. Considering supplements that work with your existing health conditions.

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