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Ride Cobbles Confidently

CYCLING NEWS & REVIEW: Ride Cobbles Confidently

By Columnist Genevieve Whitson – Professional Cyclist 

Photo Credit: Roxanne King, Cobble Riding, 2012

Ever wondered how the pros ride cobbles look so easy? They appear to be gliding across them, churning the cobbles like mud.

To ride cobbles well, you need patience. Cobbles can be mastered relatively easily. But, unless you know the tricks it can be a struggle. Trust me, this advice I’m about the share comes after years of struggling in the European peloton. Then, recently I finally started listening to the advice of cobble gurus

Three Secrets to Ride Cobbles Confidently

If you have never ridden cobbles before, then you’re in for a shock. Basically, riding cobbles is like taking a bike, without any suspension, across a gravel road covered in large rocks. Cobbles are challenging. However, there are three secrets to riding cobbles. These are as follows:

#1 Practice Makes Perfect

If you live somewhere with access to cobbles, whether they are big or small (it does not matter), go for a spin over them. It feels pretty uncomfortable at first and you will probably feel like you’re being thrown around when you ride over them. But, with a bit of riding up and down them for a while and you will begin to adjust.

If you have no access to cobbles, put some fat road tyres on and go play around on a gravel road. It’s not quite the same, but it will give you a small sense of what’s in store for you on cobbles. Plus, it will also help your bike handling skills.

#2 Mash Cobbles in a Bigger Gear

Anyone riding cobbles fast is generally in a hard gear and mashing cadence of about 80-85. Cobbles are not meant for spinning. If you want to ride them fast put the power down.

#3 Learn to Relax

Learn to relax your arms. Also, get used to riding with your hands on the top section of the handlebars, not the drops. Why? Well, you’ll get knocked about a lot riding cobbles. In addition, it’s more secure to hold on the tops.

Lastly, one other important tip. If you’re really serious about mastering cobbles, then go to the gym. Do upper body workouts, because this is the body part that’s going to take the greatest beating when you ride cobbles. So, you want it to be strong.It won’t be long before you too are gliding over cobbles…

Final Cobble Riding Tip

Remeber that practice makes perfect. Thus, if you follow all of these tips it won’t be long before you too are gliding over cobbles.

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About Our Cycling News and Review Columnist

Jarlath-Cross-20131-960x576_GenevieveGenevieve Whitson is a NZ born, British/Scottish cyclist, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Gen has a raced at the highest level for Road, Cyclocross and Mountain biking, have competed in four World Championships, multiple World Cups as well as riding professionally on the road. Gen has raced all around the globe on the road bike and is currently riding for a Belgium team, Isorex competing in all the major spring classics.

Highlights of her career include gaining a top 30 finish at the World Cyclocross Championships, a stage win in a major USA road tour, and winning the 2015 Scottish National Hill Climb Champs. Gen also loves riding rickshaw in Edinburgh for strength training on the side. She also is heavily involved in supporting/mentoring up and coming female/male athletes to ride to their potential. Her mantra on the bike is: Eat the pain…


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