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7 Tips For Working Out While Wearing Glasses

If you prefer wearing glasses to contacts, you’ll understand that working out can sometimes be problematic. The lenses steam up and the frames get slippy, and you need to ensure you can see well, especially if you’re outside. As difficult to manage as these issues sound, there are few ways you can solve these.

For instance, just by choosing the right glasses, you can be more comfortable. You also need to make sure you keep your glasses clean.

Let’s look at 7 more tips you can use to successfully work out while wearing glasses. 

Tip #1 Choose the right frames

You need to find the right frames for your face. The better the fit, the more comfortable you’ll be while you’re exercising.

You also might find it’s time to upgrade your glasses. So, speak to an optician for help and advice. It’s also worth getting your eyes checked if you are getting new glasses. Alternatively, you can just replace the frames without having to get new lenses. Browse the selection at www.eyeglasses.com for something more suitable for you. 

Tip #2 Choose the right workout

Certain workouts are a bit awkward in glasses. You could choose which exercise to do wearing glasses, such as running or cycling, and which to do without, like an indoor HIIT workout. Exercises like burpees are a bit tricky without a sports band for your glasses so as long as you can find a safe space to do them, you can ditch your glasses for this one. Try changing up your fitness routine to ensure you’re comfortable doing it with or without your glasses. This will also help to motivate you.

Tip #3 Get a strap or band

You could get a sports strap or band to hold your glasses in place. These are great even for professional athletes. Most glasses straps can be adjusted so you set the length to ensure it perfectly fits your head. They can be fastened in different ways, however, and there are various types depending on the sport you do. Here are a few tips on how to choose a glasses strap.

Tip #4 Invest in some nose grips

Another way to keep your glasses from moving during a workout is to get stick on nose grips. These help to prevent frames from slipping down your face once you start to get a sweat on. You can buy these in quality silicone and they are very comfortable. It’s a more economical option than getting new sports glasses. If you’re on a bit of a budget, or don’t always wear glasses while doing exercise they could be a good choice for you. You can even get ear grips which will help secure your frames to your ears. These are also inexpensive.

Tip #5 Keep a cloth or wipes to hand

It’s very important to keep your glasses clean while doing exercise. Keep a cloth or wipes to hand at all times so you can grab them if your lenses get steamed up. It’s essential to learn how to clean your glasses properly so you can get more use out of them. Dirty lenses could cause poor visibility leading to eye strain or headaches if not. You could get a little cleaning kit to take with you to the gym or on long bike rides, for example. 

Tip #6 Look into prescription sports sunglasses

If you do a lot of exercise outdoors you could look into getting prescription sport sunglasses. These are especially designed for this purpose and ideal for runners or cyclists. You can have them custom-made according to your prescription and choose a strap that neatly fits your head. It’s important to wear sunglasses on brighter days to protect your eyes. They also make a pretty nice fashion accessory. You can get some professional-looking sports sunglasses that will help add to your outfit.

Tip #7 Choose lightweight frames

Although there are various types of glasses on the market, sports and otherwise, it’s always better to opt for lightweight frames. Heavy eyewear can feel more bulky during a workout. Instead, go for rimless or lightweight metal or plastic frames. This way your glasses won’t get in the way of you achieving your fitness goals.

Working out with glasses doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you choose the right frames for you, you can enjoy exercising more comfortably. It’s also a good idea to have the option to keep them clean during workouts. With proper care, you can take your glasses with you to the gym this year, or out on your sporting adventures. Treat yourself to a new pair of frames to help support you in reaching your personal best.

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