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16 Amazing Ways to Be Healthy at Work

For many people, their work is not a great source of health and wellbeing – quite the opposite in fact. It leaves them feeling tired, stressed out, and full of aches and pains that come with sitting at a desk for so long. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most of us spend a lot of time at work. In fact, the average American will spend a  staggering 90,000 hours at work in the course of their life. That’s a lot, to say the least.

So, if you’re finding that you are frustrated, stressed or feeling stiff at work, then it is possible to boost your health and wellbeing while you’re at work. Let’s look at the best way for you to get your workplace fitness fix:

Way #1 Make health and wellbeing your work

If you are someone who is serious about health and wellbeing, why not quit the desk job and do something a bit more healthy instead? Whether you start your own business with The Beachbody Company, helping other people to get fitter, healthier, and stronger as you do yourself, or you could train to become a meditation teacher and reap the benefits of living the mindfulness life all day every day. There are numerous ways that you can make health and wellbeing your full-time gig, so why not explore the options?

Way #2 Switch up your snack

Snacking and work go hand-in-hand but most people opt for cookies, chips, and cakes when they’re sharing tasty office treats. Why not be a trailblazer and bring in lots of healthy raw veggies and dips to share instead? Not only will you make your own life a little healthier, but you may encourage your coworkers to make a similarly healthy change too.

If you own the business, get rid of the unhealthy vending machines packed with soda and junk food and replace them with free fruit and water coolers instead. You’ll benefit from healthier employees, and you’ll also have access to the good stuff yourself too.

Way #3 Do some deskercise

Just because you’re spending 8 hours each day at a desk does not mean that you can’t be active for at least some of that time. Deskercise may have the cringe factor, but it is totally doable and it will help you to tone up and stay fit even if you can’t get out of the office.

Way #4 Try a standing desk

Alternatively, you may want to try a standing desk instead. Standing all day at your workstation may not seem like a whole lot of fun, but it’s surprising how quickly you can acclimatize to it, and there are a whole lot of benefits to standing desks from helping you to burn more calories to eliminating aches and pains, improving posture, and potentially even extending your life! I mean, you can’t really argue with that, can you?

Way #5 Set up a work health and fitness group

If you have co-workers and you get along with them, why not set up your very own health and fitness group for fun, accountability, and a healthy working environment. Whether it’s a weight loss club or a lunchtime yoga class, getting fit with others is always more fun and you’re less likely to skip out on it when you know you will be missed.

If you’re an employer, offering your employees subsidized gym memberships or paying for them to have classes in the workplace is a great way to help your employees stay healthy, while also encouraging better team bonds.

Way #6 Do more walking and less virtual talking

Email and apps like Slack might have made it easier than ever to ask your coworkers those important (and not so important) questions, but they also serve to keep you idle at your desk. So, why not do away with these apps, at least some of the time, and start walking over to your coworkers’ desks to ask them questions and get assistance with various projects? Assuming your office is COVID compliant, and it is safe to do so, this will add a few steps to your Fitbit each day, and get you some social contact, which is vital for physical and mental health into the bargain too.

Way #7 Pause for a moment of mindfulness

Mindfulness is a really great practice that will help you to destress and introduce calmness into your life. It can even help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. By using mindfulness in your working life, you’ll become more productive.

Plus, mindfulness can be done anywhere in as little as a minute. Just pause what you’re doing and focus on your breath. That’s it. Once you’re done, I can guarantee that you’ll feel more relaxed than you did before.

Way #8 Join the sports team

Does your workplace have a sports team or club that you can join? If so, then sign yourself up. You won’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your coworkers, so it’s likely that you’ll put in more effort during gameplay and practice. You may also find that your performance is also better when you’re in the gym.

Way #9 Get involved in a charity event

Most companies have corporate charity events from time to time, and every so often they are fitness-centric. So, next time you see that they’re asking for marathon signups or sponsored silly-walkers, get involved.

Way #10 Put a plant on your desk

Numerous studies have shown that plants in the office are a force for good. Not only do they have relaxing powers, but they can soothe stress and even lower blood pressure levels. Also, they may be able to boost the immune system and help you to recover more quickly from illness.

Plants are good for your health, and they brighten up the office. So, why don’t you invest in a whole forest of them to put on your desk?

Way # 11 Do something with the decor

If your office policy allows for it, you may want to start changing up the decor around your desk a little.


Well, because certain colors are better for us than others. For example, yellow and blue are great for giving humans an energy boost while nature colors like browns, forest green, sky blue, and white are known to have a calming effect on the mind. Think about the kind of influence you need most at work and see if you can bring the appropriate colors into your office a bit more.

Way #12 Take those breaks

So many of us are workaholics to the extent that we don’t even bother taking our breaks. If this sounds like you, then this behaviour is not ideal for your health. You are likely to burn out and may end up making yourself sick. In addition, you may also find that you’re less productive at work because breaks actually let you recharge your mind and body. Taking your breaks and not only make you feel better. But, you’ll work better too. It’s a real no-brainer.

Way #13 Invest in ergonomic furniture

If your office isn’t already kitted out with ergonomic furniture, particularly, chairs desks, and computer monitors, then it’s hardly surprising that your neck and back aches or that you seem to be developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Rectify the situation by asking your employer to provide an ergonomic alternative that has been designed specifically to support you in all the right places, and you’ll start to notice that the pain is dwindling.

Way #14 Let there be light

If your office curtains are always closed or the blinds are always pulled down, then open them up and let in the natural light. A well-lit office has been proven to relieve stress, boost productivity and help you to sleep better at night. Basically, natural light is healthy, and the more you are able to flood the office with it, the healthier you will all be.

Way #15 Go for a walk

You know those breaks we talked about earlier? Not only should you take them but when you do, you should leave the building and go for a brisk walk. The fresh air will clear your head, you’ll get a little exercise and the natural surroundings will help to relieve your stress – what’s not to love?

Way #16 Bring your dog to work

If your employers are receptive to it, having a dog or two in the workplace is a great way to relieve stress and tension and boost productivity. Numerous studies have shown that bringing your dog to work reduces stress, increases your job satisfaction levels and even fosters a greater sense of loyalty to your company. It’s also a lot of fun, and you never have to worry that the dog is chewing up the furniture while you’re at work too – how’s that for an added bonus?

So there you have it, 16 amazing ways to be healthy at work. How many of these ways you do practice already? If you don’t do any of them, then it’s time to start changing that right now because you deserve to be healthy and how you live your life at work is a really big part of that.

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