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9 Super Places To Cycle In Canada

Canada is a cycle-friendly nation. There are trails and routes all over the country; through regional areas and even in the major cities, you will find paths and cycle-safely bikeways along the busy roads. But where are the best places to cycle in Canada, if you want to make the most of the scenery and see more of the country? And which bike tracks are the best for your cycling ability?

To answer these questions, let’s explore 9 of the best biking trails in Canada so that you can mull over these before you even book flights

Super Cycle #1 The Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Perhaps part of the reason Canada is so cycle-friendly is because of the cycling facilities in most of the major cities; Vancouver and British Colombia are no exception. You will find excellent cycle paths to suit all levels of riding through the area along with spectacular scenery. For the best experience head to the Gulf Islands. 

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with the scenery in this part of the world, every trail you uncover has something new to offer, so much so that you may start to take the breath-taking views for granted. On the Gulf Islands, you can select a series of trails to keep your ride interesting and test your endurance. There are also lots of attractions along the way, like artist’s studios, spas, and farmer’s markets. 

Super Cycle #2 Icefields Parkway, Alberta

Alberta is a central and northern province in Canada; it can be extremely cold or offer continental sunshine, depending on where you go. If you choose the Icefields Parkway, it’s best to pursue the route in high summer when the weather is warmer. It might be beautiful but prepare for some thigh burn. 

The Icefields parkway takes you from Jasper to Banff across a 230 km stretch, but it incorporates some 2000 metre climbs that take your mind off the distance and even distract you from the stunning surroundings. For that reason, you may need to stop off to camp or stay at a hotel on this three-day trek. 

Super Cycle #3 Battleford Trails, Saskatchewan

For those of you who prefer to take your cycle trekking a little bit easier, then you want to explore a trail that’s lighter on the uphills and inclines. That’s exactly what the Battleford Trails in Saskatchewan can offer. These trails won’t give you much of a cycling challenge but it means you can pay more attention to the landscape. 

The scenery in this part of Canada is spectacular and definitely worth paying attention to. The trails take you through the town of Battleford then across the North Saskatchewan River. You then make your way to the city of north Battlefield, where you can enjoy a satisfying meal, rest, and even stay the night if you wish. 

Super Cycle #4 Duck Mountain, Manitoba

Duck Mountain is located on the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba. There are a series of cycle routes there, all marked up according to difficulty. Not only are these trails easy to follow, but they are designed with your cycle experience in mind, so you won’t overdo it.   

Finding the best trails for you and your experience levels is just a matter of you exploring your options. With over 40 biking trails in the Duck Mountain region, it pays to look at what’s on offer before you start biking through the area. Otherwise, you may select the wrong track for your bike or experience level, and then find that it’s not as enjoyable to ride through the region.

Super Cycle #5 Waterfront Trail, Ontario

Lake Ontario is one of the smallest of the Great Lakes, and it is also one of the deepest, with a volume that is four times its surface meterage. So, the biking trail that takes you along Ontario’s southeastern waterfront offers you some amazing views. 

This trail is not too difficult and would suit a beginner or intermediate traveller or those wishing to take in the scenery rather than challenge themselves. The trail is 780 km in length, but you don’t have to ride its entirety. You can choose sections of the trail to explore if you’re not feeling that fit or adventurous.   

Super Cycle #6 Route Verte, Quebec

For a truly bike-friendly experience, head to Quebec, which has been named Canada’s most bike-friendly province. It has over 5000 km of connected trails giving you plenty to work with. There is something for every level of cyclist in Quebec, including the Route Verte

Route Verte has been named one of the best cycle route in the world by National Geographic. It has made note of several sections of the trail that are particularly stunning, which call for a stop and photo opportunity. One, of which, is the Velroute des Baleines (The Whale Trail) between Tadoussac and Baie-Trinite.    

Super Cycle #7 The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

For more of a cycling challenge, head east to Nova Scotia where you will find a slightly different kind of terrain and climate. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, named after John Cabot, the Italian said to have discovered Canada in the 15th century, is hilly with steep inclines. 

This trail is suited to intermediate or advanced cyclists. You will find the terrain tough and may want to proceed in sections. The northern section of the route takes you through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and the routes to the west and east hug the coastline. All offer beautiful views and hours of enjoyment.    

Super Cycle #8 Confederation Trail, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less spectacular. On the contrary, the Island has some impressive scenery and wildlife to enjoy. The Confederation Trail is the perfect way to do this since it is built on abandoned railway beds. 

The Island is actually small enough for you to cycle from end to end in one day. But be warned this trip won’t be easy, and you will have to be in good shape to accomplish this feat. Most cyclists prefer to take their time with the trail and enjoy the journey. 

Super Cycle #9 Viking Trail, Newfoundland

Some people say that John Cabot discovered Canada, but they’re forgetting about the Vikings and a lot more besides. The Viking Trail is a testament to the Viking heritage of Newfoundland and presents a challenging 600 km route for any brave cyclists. 

The Viking Trail is both rugged and breathtaking; it follows a route up the Great Northern Penninsula and along the coast to Gros Morne National Park. From there, you will head to the top of the island. 

Before you look to book flights to Canada, if you’re an international traveller, there are a few aspects to consider. These are as follows:

  1. Check Covid travel restrictions for your country and to Canada including entry requirements and quarantine laws. By finding out what you need to do before you book, you can allocate enough time for your trip and plan your itinerary adequately.
  2. Explore your Canadian Electronic Authorization Status (eTA) before applying for a visa. If you reside in one of 54 countries, then you may be eligible to earn your eta canada status, especially if you’re for cycling, sightseeing and vacationing in Canada. However, if you’re not eligible for an eTA, then you can apply for a visa.
  3.  Plan your itinerary before you leave. It’s essential to plan your cycling trip. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time looking for bikeways that suit your fitness level, rather than enjoying yourself.

No matter where you are in this world, Canada certainly is a breath-taking beauty and a bucket list ‘must see’.

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