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Can You Stay Fit While Travelling Often?

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If you love to travel and also care about your fitness, it can be difficult to keep both these passions alive at once. Travelling for vacations and work often leaves people tired; plus, when we travel, we want to taste local foods, relax and let loose – which isn’t exactly synonymous with fitness!

However, there are ways to stay fit while travelling and doing what you love too. Let’s explore how you can travel frequently and still achieve your fitness goals – without compromises!

There is no compromise to your health and fitness. You have to sustain both to achieve the lifestyle you want.

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Signing up to a gym with multiple locations

If you love visiting the gym as part of a healthy routine, you should ensure that you can incorporate this into your routine when you travel, too. If you travel around the country for work, for example, it is worth investing in a gym membership that allows you to visit multiple locations, not just your local branch. 

Gyms like Fitness 19 have hundreds of locations around the country, so no matter where you go, you can still make time for a workout and feel your best. 

Incorporate fitness into your “fun” time

If you are travelling abroad and want to stay fit on holiday, there are ways to do this without dragging yourself, unwillingly, to the hotel gym. Gyms aren’t the only place you can stay fit; there’s a whole world out there just waiting to improve your strength, endurance and physical ability. 

By incorporating fitness into your fun vacation time, you can kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. Some fun activities that are great for your fitness include:

  1. Swimming. Swimming is amazing not only for your cardiovascular fitness but also for muscle tone and weight loss. If you are heading to a beach location, you can swim in the sea, have an amazing time, while maintaining your fitness goals. 
  2. Hiking. Hiking is one of the best ways to see the sights and enjoy a new place. Plus, it’s amazing for your health! If you want to stay fit on holiday, taking a hike along the coast or through the forest is the perfect way to enjoy yourself while challenging your fitness too.

Remaining motivated

So much of staying healthy is about the mindset. Being physically fit is no use, if you hate exercising and force yourself to do it like a chore. Remaining motivated to exercise means finding the joy in it – asking yourself, “Why do I work out?” and reminding yourself what you gain from consistent healthy choices. 

Taking a break from exercise while you are on holiday is not a bad thing. However, if you do want to stay on top of your fitness goals while on vacation, make sure to remind yourself what working out does for you – a healthier, stronger body and a less stressed mind are two obvious reasons, but of course, why we work out is personal to the individual.

Final Thoughts

Love travelling but don’t want to lose focus on your fitness journey? Then, InShape News can help you achieve both. Don’t be shy… have a look through our archives and delve deeper 🙂

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