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Top 10 Smart Clothing Brands For Greater Health, Fitness and Performance

If you’re a health and fitness fanatic who loves data or an athlete who wants to beat at the top of your form, then smart clothing is for you. Smart clothing not only lets you track your daily activity, sleep, stress and heart rate during training, but, in some cases, it also lets you track which muscles are working and how much energy output they’re producing. And best of all, this feedback is instant.

Sure Smart Watches, activity trackers and heart rate monitors deliver similar results, but none are quite this advanced and they don’t let your skin breathe or help you recover after a strenuous workout as well as smart clothing. As technology advances, so, too, does our fitness capabilities, and smart clothing, while it sounds futuristic is affordable, versatile, and adapts to your needs.

What’s even more surprising is how much smart clothing is now becoming available. So, if you’re not hip to trends or aware of changes in the fitness clothing industry, then it’s highly likely that you’re going to find buying smart clothing confusing. To help you wade your way through the mountains of workout garments touting to be smart InShape News looks at the top 10 smart clothing brands for greater health, fitness and performance.

Brand # 1 Komodo Technologies: Aio Smart Sleeve

A relatively new company Komodo Technologies created the AIO Smart Sleeve, an electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) device that is installed in a fabric sleeve, which slips over the arm of the wearer. This sleeve is capable of monitoring sleep, workout intensity, heart rate, body temperature, air quality and UV, and stress levels.

Suits: Men & Women

Products: Short and long sleeve

Fabric: Breathable, antimicrobial, silver/ Kevlar trace inside

Costs: $99 – $130

Brand # 2 Ambiotex: Smart Shirt

Germany based company Ambiotex develops wearable technology that improves the health and fitness of wearers by measuring vital signs while you do fitness activities or work. The smart shirt determines stress and fitness levels, spots usual patterns, and monitors anaerobic thresholds.

Suits: Men & Women

Products: Shirt & tank tops

Fabric: High-tec, functional, washable, textile

Costs: $85 – $300

Brand # 3 Smart Clothing Lab: Athos Apparel

Founded in 2012 by two athletes who wanted apparel to help advance fitness and performance capabilities, Athos create clothing that delivers muscle activity feedback. A wearer’s muscle power and output are measured by integrated electromyography (EMG) technology that assists them to get the most out of their training. This technology accuracy has been strenuously tested to ensure that it delivers the results claimed by Athos.

Suits: Men & Women

Products: Shirts, shorts & leggings

Fabric: Compression, sweat-wicking, adapts to body shape

Costs: $200 – $700

Brand # 4 Carre Technologies: Hexoskin & Astroskin

Hexoskin, by Carre Technologies, a leader in AI, sensors and software, is based in Montreal. The company started in 2006 and is devoted to creating innovative body-worn sensors that provide data for better health management and analysis. The smart clothing produced by this company tracks sleep levels and positioning, activity and heart rate zones, recovery and output, as well as respiration, peak acceleration, and cadence.

Suits: Men, Women & Children

Products: Hexoskin and Astroskin shirts

Fabric: Quick-dry, breathable, lightweight, anti-odour, chlorine resistant, UV protectant, machine-washable, Italian fabric.

Costs: $399 – $600

Brand # 5 Wearable X: Nadi X

New York-based Wearable X, a fashion technology company that proclaims to be the future of wellness, has released tech-enabled yoga pants that have integrated sensors. These pants are designed to improve yoga practices. If you’re not moving where you should the sensors give you cues so that you can focus on these areas.

Suits: Men & Women

Products: Leggings

Fabric: Compression, four-way stretch, flat seemed, gentle wash & tumble dry

Costs: $249

Brand # 6 Spinali Design: Neviano Smart Swimsuit

Situated in France Spinali Design specialises in innovative and technology-enhanced that increase health and improve lifestyle. The company produces dresses, gloves as well as swimwear. The Neviano swimwear comes in a variety of fashionable colours and detects UV levels and reminds you when you should apply more sunscreen or retreat to the shade.

Suits: Men & Women

Products: Bikinis, one piece suits and swim trunks

Fabric: Lycra

Costs: From $350 for women and $150 for men

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