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What Healthy Eating Is Really All About

We are all aware of the importance of a healthy diet. But with so much conflicting information out there, it’s time for us to start sorting through what’s truth and myth. The reality is that healthy eating is not necessarily about strict limitations or depriving yourself of the things you love or enjoy eating. It’s more about keeping it you-centric and making sure that you feel great while you fuel your body with essential nutrients to make it function at its best.

Let’s look at the simplest ways for you to consider what healthy eating means for you. 

Healthy Eating Fast Fact #1 Focus On Appetite Satisfaction 

When we think about healthy eating, most of us believe that we have to consume foods that have the least calories. But if you eat that tomato salad recipe by itself, rather than having it as a side dish with say grilled chicken you may not satisfy your appetite. This means that while you’ve eaten fewer calories, it’s also highly likely that you’ll go in search of more food sooner because you’re going to still be hungry. And this can result in snacking on the wrong types of food.

Sure, you need to eat fewer calories if you want to lose weight or control your weight gain. But it is also important that you feel full and satisfied when you have a meal. Focusing on your appetite satisfaction doesn’t mean gorging yourself, but instead taking the Japanese approach and eating until you are about 80% full.

Healthy Eating Fast Fact #2 Make Fat Balance Essential

They say the key to healthy eating is a balanced diet. But these days, there is so much scaremongering about different types of foods that it can put us off eating altogether. Let’s take fats for example. There is so much information out there about fat being bad for you that we often think that this means all fats. But the reality is that fat does not make you fat. And not all fats are the same. There are good fats out there, and it’s essential for you to eat these because they protect the brain and the heart. For instance, fats like Omega-3s are crucial, not just to your physical health, but also to your emotional health as well. 

Healthy Eating Fast Fact #3 Opt To Switch Gradually

If you are trying to make the switch from an unhealthy choice one to a healthy one, then it’s important to remember that you need to replace unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives gradually. Going cold turkey, so to speak, on all of those junk foods you’ve been gorging yourself on is not realistic. Instead, swap one unhealthy meal for a healthy one, and then try this for say a week. If it works well, then look to swap a second unhealthy meal.

To successfully make the right changes take small steps. Be so gradual that you don’t really notice the change.

Healthy Eating Fast Fact #4 Incorporate Safer Eating Habits

It’s also important that you incorporate the right eating habits. So many of us rush to eat a meal. We’ve got other activities to do, right? And yet an important component of eating is to focus on chewing our food thoroughly so we absorb all the nutrients.

Another is to pay attention to how you feel after eating certain meals. Some foods make you feel bloated, upset your digestive system or cause you to have loose stools. If you notice such reactions, then consider what you’ve eaten and then look to make changes so that they suit your system better.

Your fluid intake when eating is also another important consideration. When you eat, you should also drink water as this assists the digestive process and keeps your digestive system well lubricated. In addition, water gives your body adequate hydration and ensures that your brain and cells function well.

Healthy Eating Fast Fact #5 Think Moderation Rather Than Diet

You are constantly looking for that magic solution. We all are. So when you hear that this diet or another has been released, you jump into starting it without really considering how far removed this type of eating is from the current way you eat.

Sure, the Mediterranean diet has many benefits. But while it is tempting to go wholeheartedly into this way of eating and to leave your old bad habits behind the reality is making such a radical change to your lifestyle just won’t stick. Everything in moderation is the best way for you to go.

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