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Award-winning dietician Shamala Ratnesar is committed to reducing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, known lifestyle illnesses that have cost Australians more than $15.3 billion.

Diabetes Australia estimates that 280 Australians are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a preventable disease, every day. Therefore, Ratnesar’s solutions are focused and strive to deliver a healthier and happier lifestyle by developing a longer, leaner body.

In fact, many of Ratnesar’s clients, with pre-diabetes and diabetes, have made dramatic changes thanks to her extensive research. Based on strong medically-driven results, Ratnesar’s HOPE Formula and Total LIFE Diet appear to be working.

Insulin Resistance is an Underlying Problem

Ratnesar, an accredited practicing dietician, speaker and author, who holds a master degree in nutrition and dietetics, oversees a weight loss and lifestyle clinic in Sydney. Her Total LIFE Diet has helped so many people that a major health research institute is now conducting a study to see how the program compares to the current Australian Government guidelines.

Having seen a rapid increase in cases of pre-diabetes and diabetes, Ratnesar says that many of her clients are seeking to lose weight and to regain their energy, but that they also wish to feel full.

“The underlying problem is a condition called insulin resistance,” said Ratnesar.  “This occurs when insulin doesn’t work properly after it reaches our body cells,” she said. “These health problems are due to poor food choices and a lack of exercise. Many people also under-estimate just how much they actually eat and what constitutes a serving.”

The Answer to Beating Diabetes is Diet Related

Ratnesar wants people to understand that most diets are myth and fad based and  will not lead to healthy living. Her extensive studies on Omega-3, food and weight control have found that shakes, supplements and pills are just gimmicks. There also does not seem to be any scientific basis for eliminating carbohydrates or sugar from ones diet. “Instead, the answer is a comprehensive nutrition, health and weight loss program. The HOPE Formula helps achieve many different health and weight goals,” said Ratnesar. “H=healthy and tasty diet; O=Omega-3 magic; P=positive thinking and positive action; E=Exercise,” she said.

“Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean going without or feeling hungry,” said Ratnesar. “If anything, it’s about abundance, variety and quality. It’s okay to eat bread and potatoes, and diabetics can have a little sugar. The ideal diet balances significant quantities of protein, legumes, vegetables and low-fat flavourings,” she said. “You can include a small amount of good fat like canola and olive oils as well as herbs and spices. Imagine eating pizza, fish and chips, and Black Forest cake, but still losing weight. It’s possible.”

The Total Life Diet is a Solution for Everyone

The philosophy behind Ratnesar’s Total LIFE Diet is about enjoying life to the fullest, rather than telling you what you cannot eat or do. Ratnesar has spent considerable time creating options to suit everyone. This includes the young and old, vegetarians and meat lovers, and the busy person as well as someone on a tight budget.  Overall, the Total LIFE Diet is a customized solution for those looking to lose and maintain their weight for life.

“I believe The Total LIFE Diet book is a life-saving program that can transform the lives of millions of people in Australia,” said Ratnesar. “My hope is that, with such a range of meal plans and globally-inspired recipes, everyone will find something they like to keep them motivated to reach their goals,” she said.

Shamala Ratnesar’s books, The Total LIFE Diet (The Total LIFE Diet Centre, 2012), RRP $35.00, The Omega-3 Diet Revolution (Pan Macmillan, 2006), RRP $33.00 and The Omega-3 Life Program (McGraw Hill, 2002), RRP $30.95, can be found online. All three books can be purchased as a bundle for $66.00 at The Total LIFE Diet Centre.


  1. Eat well. By this I mean lean, clean foods, nothing artifical, just what nature has provided. Overtime you will notice changes in your body. Good results. Especially if you exercise as well.

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