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Australian Bushfire Appeals as Nation Comes Under Fire

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More than 180 fires are burning across the Australian states of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Some 100 homes have been destroyed along with farms and livestock. Smoke inhalation, burns and loss of life are major concerns.

Damage in Tasmania alone is estimated to be more than $26 million. The Western Australian and South Australian state governments have pledged $250,000 each to the bushfire relief effort.

Red Cross, who launched their Tasmanian bushfire appeal four days ago, has received more than $350,000 in donations. Hawthorn Football Club has pledged $10,000.

Word of Warning When Donating

However, government organisations offer words of warning when it comes with making donations, due to previous scams. During the 2003 Canberra and the 2009 Victorian bushfires scammers set-up fake websites to collect funds and prayed on the good intentions of many giving souls.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), warns people who are looking to donate to be wary before putting their hands into their pockets. As the ACCC state, “Charities are registered at state or territory levels – check with your fair trading agency to see if they are a genuine charity and are raising money for bushfire victims.” This will ensure that your funds are sent to the right organisation who will use the money appropriately.

6 thoughts on “Australian Bushfire Appeals as Nation Comes Under Fire”

  1. Having been in a bush fire I know first hand how scary it can be. We were one of the lucky ones – we didn’t lose anything. Our neighbors, however, weren’t so fortunate. They lost their house, cars and all of their belongings. While it still makes them sad today, they are thankful that no-one in their family lost their life.

  2. Bushfire preparation is often something that we don’t think about until it’s too late. Being prepared means that you have a better chance of survival. So, don’t think that it won’t happen to you. A bush fire can occur at any time.

  3. Sad to hear about all the Aussies battling these fires. My thoughts are with you all and your families. I hope you are all able to rebuild your lives and homes, and that none of your family have been injured. God bless you all.

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