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Mind Matters: Perspective Resetting Benefits

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Ingrid and her husband used the skill of perspective resetting when they discovered he had a rare form of cancer. You can master this skill too, which is like hitting the ‘refresh ‘ button on your thoughts and attitudes

Proven Nutrition Boosting Home Cooking Formula

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When work is hectic, and you feel exhausted after a long and tiring day, it’s easy to forego healthy eating in favour of convenience. The thought of spending 30 minutes preparing your food and cooking makes you nod off. But what if a proven nutrition boosting home cooking formula magically appeared? One that makes cooking easier and lets you look after your health.

5 ‘Good Looking’ Fashion Hacks For You

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Being able to elevate and improve your appearance is an essential part of your fashion and style. Plus, it boosts your physical and mental health as it increases your confidence and encourages you to take better care of yourself. Given these benefits, it’s befitting that InShape News provides you with 5 ‘Good Looking’ fashion hacks for you to sink your teeth into. These affordable hacks aim to improve your fashion choices quickly and easily, and they cover many factors and key ideas that have a massive impact on your life as a whole. 

How To Break Through Mental Health Barriers

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Breaking through mental health barriers is a combined effort. It’s time for us all to feel comfortable about mental health and that it is okay to not be okay.


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