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Road Riding Benefits For Track

CYCLING NEWS & REVIEW: Ride Cobbles Confidently

By Columnist Genevieve Whitson – Professional Cyclist 

Photo Credit – Josey Showaa – 2008 – Philadelphia Road Racing Flying Off Lemon Hill

Last month we discussed track for road racing and now I’d like to turn this around and discuss the benefits that road can bring to track riding. Let’s look at these now.

Benefit #1 – Stamina and Endurance

Track racing does require a lot of ‘punch’ and explosive power. Initially, road cyclists may struggle with this. But, it is also worth remembering that the longer events on the track require stamina and endurance. This is where the road cyclist may find their feet.

Benefit # 2 – Larger Engine

An event like the scratch or the points race can be up to 25kms long. Therefore, in order to be successful, it’s not simply going to be a matter of who has the biggest sprint. You’ll need a bit more of an engine and road cycling helps in these longer events. Just remember that it is not always the best sprinter that wins these longer races. But, the rider that can make a quick recovery and go again and again. These races typically, have a lot of similarities to a short road race where short efforts of high power are followed by a small window of recovery.

Benefit # 3 – Quicker Riding

Combing road and track riding develops your skills as a rider. So, you’ll find that when you do head back out on the road, after a track stint that you’ll sail through the peloton with a lot more ease. This increase in skills id due to the close proximity required for track riding.

Track Facts

What a lot of cyclists don’t know is that track racing is also divided into many categories. Thus, don’t feel intimidated when you first start out or worry that you’ll be thrown in the deep-end and have to compete against a professional track cyclist or category A rider. There are generally around four different grades. These cater for all levels and abilities. So, even if you don’t plan on being super competitive, the high cadence track workouts can really benefit you and your legs in the long run, be that on or off the velodrome.

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About Our Cycling News and Review Columnist

Jarlath-Cross-20131-960x576_GenevieveGenevieve Whitson is a NZ born, British/Scottish cyclist, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Gen has a raced at the highest level for Road, Cyclocross and Mountain biking, have competed in four World Championships, multiple World Cups as well as riding professionally on the road. Gen has raced all around the globe on the road bike and is currently riding for a Belgium team, Isorex competing in all the major spring classics.

Highlights of her career include gaining a top 30 finish at the World Cyclocross Championships, a stage win in a major USA road tour, and winning the 2015 Scottish National Hill Climb Champs. Gen also loves riding rickshaw in Edinburgh for strength training on the side. She also is heavily involved in supporting/mentoring up and coming female/male athletes to ride to their potential. Her mantra on the bike is: Eat the pain…



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