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Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health

We often overlook emotional health. But taking control of your emotional health can allow you to live a balanced and fulfilling life. A lot of people believe that mental health and emotional health are the same, however, they’re actually quite different. Your emotional health centres on your thoughts, behaviours, and how you express yourself. 

Sure, mental health and emotional health are connected and they complement each other. But there are distinct differences between the two. Let’s look at these and how you can improve your emotional health now 🙂

Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health Gives Your Better Life Balance — Photo By Sydney Sims @ Unsplash

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health #1 Know your emotions

Emotional health is being aware of your thoughts and feelings and the adjusting negative emotions so they are positive. This ability enables you to cope with the ups and downs of life and to keep any major issues in perspective. It also lets you recover from setbacks and to feel good about yourself.

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health #2 Physical connection

You physical health links to your emotional health (it’s like they’re holding hands). When you’re physically healthy then there is a high chance that you’re emotionally well also. Your overall wellness is intertwined with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health being closely associated. Consequently, by looking after your physical health, exercising, keeping hydrated, eating well and getting enough sleep, then this will influence your emotional health.  

Having strong emotional health therefore means that you’re going to have strong physical health as well. So always make sure you’re keeping a close eye on this and living your healthiest life.

Balance Your Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Health—Take The Time To Get Know Yourself Well. INSHAPE NEWSFLASH

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health #3 Practice communication

It’s important to communicate with yourself and others often. Don’t bottle up your emotions, and be honest with yourself. Trying to mask what you really feel and covering it up will only result in you having an emotional blow-up later.

By being frank with yourself and others, you can start to improve your emotional health. This practice should be continual as it enables you to mitigate any potential issues later down the track. It’s also important for you to communicate clearly with others. Break down your thoughts and feeling so these are easily understood. Sometimes doing this helps you make sense of what’s happening too.

Communication is key, but if you find you cannot explain how you feel, then maybe try some chat lines. In general, these will help you practice effective communication. So you can better describe how you feel to others later.

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Communication Is Essential To Strong Emotional Health — Photo by michelle guimarães on Pexels.com

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health #4 Not all can be controlled

Being realistic also helps you manage your emotions. While you’d like to control everything in your life, sometimes this is not possible. Life has a habit of throwing curve-balls every now and then, and this means that the unexpected can occur at any moment. Rather than letting these moments ruin your day and make you super stressed it is easier to accept that sometimes your plans will need to change to accommodate mishaps. This adjustment is a central part of managing your emotional health.

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health #5 Work towards balance

If you cannot always control what happens in your life, then it’s time for you to being practising life balance. If you get get upset and cannot make sense of situations when they are not positive, then it’s time for you to look for ways to balance your emotions. This approach can be as simple as taking a deep breathe and then exhaling slowly so you can regain your composure. You may prefer meditation or sitting in a room and reading a book quietly to calm your thoughts and feelings. This can include working on your work-to-life balance so you can have time to do things that you love.

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Enjoy Life More & Do What You Love — Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Taking Control Of Your Emotional Health Key Takeaways

Your emotional health can be balanced if you take time to get to know yourself well. Often, when you get emotional you find it difficult to understand why. But by taking time out and look at yourself and your behaviour critically, you gain a completely different perspective.

Just to recap, taking control of your emotional health includes:

  • Understanding your emotions.
  • Knowing how all your health factors–physical, mental and spiritual health–link together.
  • Practising communication with yourself and others.
  • Understanding that not all in life can be controlled.
  • Working towards balance.

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